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Plans For Royston High School Site Development Gets Go Ahead

Wednesday March 6 2013

We Are Barnsley We Are Barnsley

IT'S been announced that developers have been granted planning permission to start work on the former Royston High School site.

Kier Property Development's plans have been accepted to build a supermarket, petrol station, health centre and more than 140 houses.

The controversial development has so far proven unpopular with residents - with more than 300 letters of objection being sent to the council.

All three Royston councillors were against the proposals, agreeing with residents that the proposals wasn't wanted or needed by the people of Royston.

"In my view, this development makes a mockery out of the term sustainable development - this is nothing of the sort," said Cllr Graham Kyte.

"Developers have got all that they asked for while the concerns of local people and local businesses have been dismissed,'' he added.

Objectors claim residents were not properly consulted about the development, with Cllr Kyte labelling the consultation process as a 'sham'.

Tom Gilman, Director of Kier Property Developments, said: "We are delighted the council has seen the merits of the scheme."

Building is expected to start in the summer and should be complete by late spring.

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Reply Posted by Roystondon on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 15:50
When the Council can sell its soul for £4million what do they care about the people of Royston? Only to be expected.

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 19:27
Was £7million wasnt it?
Classic example of Barnsley council Labour Lunacy,supposed to be a democracy,what a load of boll%^&s!
Barnsley council is a dicatatorship and the sooner the people of barnsley stop voting for these buffoons and kick their arses into the gutter the better.
Whilst feeling sorry for the Royston populous,YOU VOTED THEM IN!

21,000 new homes wanted in the barnsley area before 2030,vast swathes of green and pleasant built upon,houses that local people in Barnsley can NOT afford,road infrastructure stretched to the max,schools doctors oversubscribed etc etc etc
Who are the real winners?
Barnsley Council for the council tax reciepts they will get in?

NO the only winners will be the developers!

Yet another classic example of "everybody gets what nobody wants" This IS NOT DEMOCRACY!


Reply Posted by Penny on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 16:12
Good news! I live in Royston & am pleased that the development has been given the go ahead - especially the medical centre & affordable housing. Should be a great improvement for the area!! And hopefully jobs for local people.

Reply Posted by Brian on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 19:20
I can't really see what all the fuss is about, am I missing something?

I would have thought that this development would have been good for the village. Why are the councillors so 'up in arms' about it? I suspect that they are out of touch with what people want.

Reply Posted by Penny on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 20:38
But this isn't green belt or pleasant land being developed, is it? It's an eyesore!! I can understand complaints about extending villages etc but this land is right in the middle of the village - & was previously built on. Seriously can't see how only the developers will benefit!!

Reply Posted by stevo on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 21:00
You obviously didnt read my full post did you.
Merely one line of said post with direct reference to the school site.
The rest of the post was a rant at the idiots at BMBC,lack of democracy and the fact that they (BMBC) say we need 21,000 NEW houses in Barnsley.
I take it you never went to the draft planning consultation meetings with council staff the other year then?
Ok, are sitting comfortably,then i shal begin,with regard to my comment about building on green built land there were roughly 10 areas identified to build these 21,000 NEW houses 90% of which were on green belt land and of which one of the areas with a significant amount of green belt land earmarked for said development was Lee Lane, Royston,ya know those horse fields where it always floods.

As for my comment about the developers, do you honestly think they build them for the laugh?
Oh look theres a bit of land there lets build 500 houses on it,we'll tell the council that is it affordable housing,erm we'll start prices at £100k up to £250k.
Will local people be able to afford said housing?
I seriously doubt it dont you?
AND Road infrastcure NOT upgraded to accomadate these houses.
Housing that is not substainable,wanted,needed etc,etc,etc,

Need i go on?

I refer you to the post i made above (quote) :

NO the only winners will be the developers!

Reply Posted by Penny on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 21:27
I did read your full post, I do live in Royston & I did attend the consultation meetings last year. And I still believe that, whilst the developers will obviously benefit, the development on the old school site will be beneficial to the area.
Like I said in my post - I understand why people don't want to extend villages - ie Lee Lane - I'm certainly opposed to that - but each development needs to be considered on its on merits - & in my opinion, the development mentioned in the article above will enhance the area - & yes, I'm sure some people will be able to afford the affordable housing!!

Reply Posted by Victoria on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 21:56
I also heard there were plans for a family pub/resturaunt within this development. Does anyone know if this is true? We are looking to possibly buy a house very near to this site but are not familiar with the area. I have found the planning application online but does anyone know if and where we can find any drawn plans so we can get an idea of how it will affect the house were looking at?

Reply Posted by Brian on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 23:29
Victoria: I believe that the plans and related paperwork will be available for inspection on the BMBC website. They were a few weeks ago when I looked. As far as I can recall the plans made no reference to a public house. The Barnsley Chronicle made reference to a public house in a story some while ago and the rumour doing the rounds at the time was that it would be a Weatherspoons. However, as I said, I cannot recall a pub being on the plans.

Reply Posted by Dinky on Wednesday March 6 2013 at 23:55
I live in front of the development site and this will be nothing but a nightmare. the access can only be one way. we don't need a supermarket, we don't need a garage and we don't want people living behind us. more cars, more noise, more congestion, probably more near misses if the drive way is the exit road cause I can guarantee people will fly down that like idiots.
we don't need it or want it and if you think the housing will be affordable think again.

Reply Posted by Mind boggles on Thursday March 7 2013 at 11:12
140 new houses each paying £1000 council tax - thats an extra £140,000 that will go towards services in the Barnsley area.

As well as creating jobs for local people --- why did anyone complain about this?

Reply Posted by AHR on Thursday March 7 2013 at 14:01
Think they ought to keep it as it is a while, they may need to build a new School there seeing as the Carlton community college is slowly sinking in to the marsh it was built on.

Reply Posted by Victoria on Thursday March 7 2013 at 19:28
Thanks Brian, this must be where the rumour came from as I did only hear this from a current resident whilst viewing their house! The plans I've seen today only include what is listed in this article ie housing, health centre, garage and supermarket. I have managed to find more details online today but haven't had the time to trawl the details yet. I'm also wondering if they will open the road that runs to the right of ASDA as an access road? It would be helpful to our decision to buy if anyone knows the answer to that too?

Reply Posted by Brian on Friday March 8 2013 at 16:45
Victoria: I think that you should contact the planning department (by telephone or a personal visit) to ascertain where the access points will be. When I looked at the plans online I was unable to work this out. I would suspect that the road adjacent to ASDA will be one, but there will need to be at least one other. There was a story circulating in the village some months ago that the Civic Hall (paid for by public subscription) was to be demolished (and rebuilt in an alternative location) so that an access road could be provided there. Both of these access points (Midland road and Station road) are far from ideal as they are both potentially dangerous for the volume of vehicles which will need to use them. It may be useful if anything that you discover during your research could be posted on here.

Good luck

Reply Posted by Darren on Sunday March 10 2013 at 10:47
The fact that it says affordable housing springs to mind price, affordable housing to me is £60 to £70 a week rent, but will this be the case though? The residents of royston don't want to have to deal with the noise and so on. Now I'm all for cheap housing because it takes that burden from the average person who can't afford a house to afford a house they can call home and the saying is 'home is where the heart is' which few people have. the supermarket, garage is not necessary, but a health centre is always welcome.