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Charity Volunteer Told To Go Home After Smoking Outside Its Shop

Wednesday February 27 2013

A VOLUNTEER at a Peel Street charity shop was told to 'go home and never come back' after smoking a cigarette outside.

David Laing, 45, had been helping out at the British Heart Foundation shop for 18 months. He wanted give some of his time because his mother died from a heart condition three years ago.

"I've enjoyed helping out and really thought I was doing something useful," he said.

On his break, he stepped outside the shop and lit up a cigarette as he stood on the pavement.

It was then that a visiting area official from the charity came outside and told him to stub it out.

After refusing, David said he was told to go home and not come back.

"I was shocked, angry and upset. As far as I am concerned I have done nothing wrong - I was in a public place," said David.

Diane Locke, of the British Heart Foundation, said it has strict smoking guidelines for employees and volunteers.

"In this situation, and in line with our policy on smoking, we asked a volunteer on a number of occasions not to smoke outside our store but he refused and we had no other option but to ask the volunteer to leave."

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Reply Posted by observer on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:06
seems a bit harsh.

Reply Posted by LV on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:07
ok I get that it's a health charity and that cigarettes do cause issues for the heart, but instead of ordering him to put it out why not ask him to move to somewhere away from the shop if he wants to smoke, like at the hospital, you want to smoke you stand outside hospital premises. Although this been said, he was on the pavement therefore not on their property. I'm sure they're desperate for volunteers there...

Reply Posted by Geoff Thomas on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:08
There are two sides to every story and it sounds as though this guy had unserstandably been asked not to smoke outside a shop that's dedicated to helping people suffering from - among other things - smoking-induced diseases. I can see their point, honestly.

Reply Posted by Greenginger on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:12
I agree with you Geoff. If you are asked not to smoke by anyone you should stop. It should be a privilege to smoke around non smokers not a right.

Reply Posted by Rob on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:15
It's a smokers right to smoke in a public place just as it is your right to decide not to smoke, it isn't a privilege, it's a choice. Don't be so self righteous

Reply Posted by tony patel on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:20
he was smoking mary jane no wonder

Reply Posted by Paul on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:20
Well done heart foundation, smoking is bad for the heart so would look bad one of staff stood outside smoking. It's like a Alcoholics Anonymous representative having a pint whilst holding the meeting

Reply Posted by marko on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:21
i dont smoke and totally agree rob, this bloody countrys gone mad, smokers are practically outlawed these days, and after years of government promoting tabacco, talk about hypocrits, this bloke was volunteering in charity ahop and smokin a fag off premises, anybody would think he was robbin place and snorting cocaine off counter, lol

Reply Posted by laura on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:22
to reyt rob totally agree....n na british heart as lost a volenteer after a pathetic incident

Reply Posted by dave on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:28
Visiting area official eh,wonder if he/she volunteers their time for no wages? He wasn't harming anyone other than himself and was doing good the majority of the time for others,well done area official,tha doing a grand job

Reply Posted by Observer on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:31
Have you signed anything to state you do not smoke or will not smoke in and off the premises?if not take it further go to citizens advice. I smoke and often shop there does this mean I am not allowed to shop there?its your choice to smoke or not to smoke. Did you have workwear with their logo on at the time? Find out luv you shouldn't be treated like this. Good luck

Reply Posted by richard on Friday March 1 2013 at 21:33
well i am military and yer i am an honest guy and very high in the job i do the health committee can not get any more stupid where i work but i am still allowed to smoke outside my work if they asked me to stub it out i will still tell the highest rank i will if he buys me 1 more and thats my opinion so you anti smokers give the bloke a rest he is doing his bit for is mummy YER VOLUNTARY how many people do that not very many and very well done david keep up the good work

Reply Posted by Brierley Gaz on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:47
I am a smoker and this country is beginning to get on my bloody nerves the way they treat us.Hes outside the shop breaking no law so why was he asked to leave.. This country is becoming worse.. Democratic country my backside More like HEIL HITLER!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:48
I love it how smokers don't consider there fag ends as litter .And just seen to throw them on the pavement like that's the place for fag ends to go . This no smoking in pubs doesn't help as outside every public house there's a mountain of fag ends to climb over .

Reply Posted by Brierley Gaz on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:51
In fact I would think this was discrimination and I would look at suing them.. also 20 years ago all the volunteers in there would have gone home with him

Reply Posted by dene on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 15:53
bet they would not turn a customer away if they had seen them smoking before going in shop, Paul is not like Alcoholics Anonymous representative having a pint whilst holding the meeting he was not inside the shop, it is his right to smoke off the premises any way David there is plenty more places you can go to help there lost

Reply Posted by jon on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:01
I worked with Dave doing my comm. Hours ,he is a top bloke and an asset to that shop, nobody should have to put up with the shit he has to in that place, shame pal

Reply Posted by carl on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:05
i think this is wrong he wasnt getting paid and theres not enough volentiers anyway ??if he was on his break its his buisness if hed be eating a cheese beef burger would he have been told not ?? as they cause heart disease too its red tape and bullshit gone mad ?? theres other charity shops in barnsley that need help

Reply Posted by shaun on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:06
There smoke round the back of it

Reply Posted by carl on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:07

Reply Posted by sue on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:27
i think some smokers ought to stand outside shop see what they do.i dont smoke but i think shop as showed themselves up.also i hope no one goes to volunteer in that shop.

Reply Posted by brenda on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:35
can they afford to be picky, there,s a man here giving up his time to help,thats not enough ,they want to take his rights (as wallace said they can,t take his freedom) what he does in his own time his is choice.

Reply Posted by ann on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:41
If it was Prince Harry visiting shop would he be aloud hes a smoker or any other celebratory..they would be laying down the red carpet.. This question is for Diane Locke

Reply Posted by Paul madden on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:44
Wot a crock of shit, would they refuse a donation on the grounds of someone smoking or being a smoker don't think so talk about double standards, they shud just advertise for non smokers obviously there help is far better reciieved than us segregated smokers !!!

Reply Posted by lyndon on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 16:51
Yea the majoritys got it right. Whatever happened to freedom of choice? Just another example of meddlin do gooders and the thought police

Reply Posted by David on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 17:31
Im the person to whom the artical ref to this was the first time that I had been asked and no there is no written notice or paper work which I had to sign ie a voulenter agreement is not in place

Reply Posted by june on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 18:07
That is despicable, I agree with the comment would they say no thank you to a smoker who was about to give them a donation. Also they must have no problem recruiting volunteers.

Reply Posted by Simon on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 18:10
It doesn't look good a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation smoking outside its shop. Smoking increases the risk of dealth from heart problems. So I think that he should have moved away from the shop for his cig and as he refused he has been asked not to return.

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 18:50
Calm down! BHF have the right to impose whatever standards they choose and to accept & reject volunteers as they choose. If this guy wants to continue to volunteer i'm sure VAB will be able to find him somewhere that will be pleased to have him.

Reply Posted by ruby on Wednesday February 27 2013 at 21:06
Had to lol at this about a fortnight ago was in this shop arranging collection of furniture yet 2 members of staff (I don't know if volunteers or not) were sat outside on a sofa for sale having a smoke
I'm not a smoker but I agree if he was on a public place he should be allowed to smoke where he wants IF he is on there premise or in uniform he should be more discreet and either moved from front of shop or put it out as asked

Reply Posted by king louis on Thursday February 28 2013 at 03:27
The question is, if he was asked to smoke elsewhere but couldn't for some reason or he simply wanted to smoke on people going into the shop to prove a point only he knows. He volunteered and can either accept their policy of no smoking outside the shop or not.... but going against it a number of times then expect to be asked not to help anymore. We all know the essence of what the request means and that they don't own he pavement and we can all stand outside any shop and blow smoke through the door but is it right just because we can?

Reply Posted by geoff on Thursday February 28 2013 at 10:27
Thats the last time i go in there.

Reply Posted by may on Thursday February 28 2013 at 10:49
tell you what lets ban smoking all together shall we. then when the government stars recouping the millions of pounds of lost taxes they will lose every year from the lowest paid workers pay packets you can ask yourseves wether smokers really were such a burden on you

Reply Posted by karl on Thursday February 28 2013 at 15:50
next wed at 2pm i will be out side this shop smoking a cig all are welcome to join me if cigs are so bad for us stop the goverment earning money by baning them and alchol more ppl die each year through drink n cigs more than all the ileagl drugs user all togeather ban em all or legalise the lot

Reply Posted by Tony on Thursday February 28 2013 at 16:01
If the jobsworth had walked a few yards to the DWP office he'd have had a few more sinners to covert, but his prognosis wouldn't have been so good.

Reply Posted by may on Thursday February 28 2013 at 16:18
how do you know he does'nt go tony,hes obviously not work shy. seems to me there are a lot more serious things happening to worry about than wether someone as smoked a cig outside a shop

Reply Posted by Karen on Friday March 1 2013 at 21:13
OK... This is a charity.. And a Paid person sacks a volunteer....Mmmm, sounds about right...

Reply Posted by lesley on Friday March 1 2013 at 21:43
i 'm going to get grief for this i know, but as a none smoker i actually find walking through other peoples smoke in the street really annoying. no one would tolerate a smacked shooting up in the middle of the street and they would only be hurting themselves. that said, if someone is prepared to give up their time free of charge to help a charity, and weren't breaking no law, then it seem slightly ungrateful of the charity to dismiss them.

Reply Posted by adam on Friday March 1 2013 at 23:37
What a joke, how do we know the official isn't a smoker. Should feel ashamed of themselves.

Reply Posted by Don McCarron on Saturday March 2 2013 at 00:02
I've woken the dogs up laughing at some of the comments here.

Reply Posted by Zena on Saturday March 2 2013 at 00:30
Wonder where human right acts av gone

Reply Posted by ????? on Saturday March 2 2013 at 02:43
I used to work there and everyone there hates each other they talk about everyone behind there back and best person there pepe they made him get sack bcz they dint like him its discusting

Reply Posted by mark on Saturday March 2 2013 at 12:59
this is what we have become!!!! too many jobs worths and do-gooders in this country. good god get a life people! smokers are not doing the devil's work HONESTLY.all you people saying stupid stuff (i dont like walking through smoke, mountains of cig butt's, BHF have policys e.t.c.) take a long hard look at yourselves. are you complaining because you think it is really harming you or your loved ones? or BECAUSE YOU THINK YOUR BETTER THAN ALL THE REST, AND IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD TO STAND ON YOUR PEDISTALS?

Reply Posted by angry on Saturday March 2 2013 at 13:46
i smoke and ive lost count of the hundreds of pounds worth of items iv'e donated to this shop, no one as ever refused to accept my items, or my money.in future my donations will be going elsewhere

Reply Posted by Katy on Saturday March 2 2013 at 14:01
Well done British heart foundation. Its my right as a non smoker not to walk past dirty filthy smokers on the street. Disgusting and dangerous drug habit. Errrr yes Nicotine IS A DRUG!!!!

Reply Posted by robert pearson on Sunday March 3 2013 at 02:13
The guverment say we the smokers can not smoke hear ther and every wair. But if you are out side on the pavment we can smoke. Its are choice to smoke. So for gods sake get off are backs. If you don't want to smell cig smoke you do gooders go live on the moon.

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