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Council Calls For Action To Get People Into Work

Thursday February 28 2013

BARNSLEY needs better public transport links to help get young people and the long-term unemployed into work, according to the council’s Economy and Skills Scrutiny Commission.

Its investigation into action being taken to help grow the borough’s economy heard from four local business people about the challenges they faced running their enterprises in Barnsley.

The key thing that was discovered was the absence of good public transport links which meant it was almost impossible for some young people to take up sought-after apprenticeships.

The council and its partners are set to work closely with local transport providers and the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, to make sure everything possible is being done to link local job seekers to major employers.

The Commission was also told that Barnsley needs 1,500 new businesses in order to reach the Yorkshire and Humber average.

“The council and its partners are doing everything they can to bring new jobs to Barnsley, and that hard work needs to continue,'' said Cllr Dick Wraith.

''However, we need to make sure that local people can get to the jobs that are out there, especially young people, who can lose out to older competitors who have their own transport and don’t need to rely on bus services to get them to work.''

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Reply Posted by Aunt Hilder on Thursday February 28 2013 at 12:02
We need to get the community hubs linked together by good bus services that support people getting back into work. It's not good having all the busses running from the town centre to the communities, they need to run across town. It should be possible to get from Royston to the Dearne valley without going into Barnsley first.

Also, the busses have to run for the convenience of the workers and the shift patterns they are expected to work. Having busses stopping at 11.00 is no good to anyone if your shift finishes at midnight.

Reply Posted by Realist on Friday March 1 2013 at 21:01
What you are describing Aunt Hilder is a taxi service !

Reply Posted by Aunt Hilder on Friday March 1 2013 at 21:17
No, just an integrated transport policy linked to the economic reality of employer and employee aspirations.

Reply Posted by stevo on Thursday February 28 2013 at 18:54
FIRSTLY,where are the JOBS?
SECONDLY,where/who are the major employers?
THIRDLY,Get the employers in FIRST then think about transport infrastructure!

GONE are the days when you used to be able to walk to the end of the street to your place of work.

Our 16-24 year olds are "forgotten" and statistics dont lie,some barnsley firms advertise jobs for "decent" money (i.e - NOT the MW) and get literally hundreds of applicants.
Even for MW jobs some firms get hindreds of applicants.

You have to take a wider view of the employment oppurtunities in our town,most people never get set on directly these days and the "casualisation" of the job market and the upsurgence of "employment agencies" (i use this term loosely) and the massive influx of Eastern Europe financial migrants has had a major detrimental effect on job opportunities across the borough.

I know of someone who places said Eastern European financial migrants with employers and he told me categorically that he would not place a 16 year old lad from town with an employer when he could place a 35 year old father of two from Eastern Europe because he was a "safer" option.

My view is that this is institutional racism,but he doesnt care as he is getting his "commission" from sending the Eastern European migrant father of two to the prospective employer.

Legislation needs to be in place to stop these "horrendous" employment agencies AND and firms wanting staff MUST employ a certain percentage of 16-25 year olds or face severe financial penalties.


Reply Posted by Greenginger on Friday March 1 2013 at 14:43
Stevo you have some good points but regarding the race bit I cannot agree.

Regardless of what people think about immigration, it is here to stay. if young local people want jobs then they have to fight to get the jobs, turn up and work hard. We cannot keep blaming joblessness in Barnsley on immigration as it barely touches this area in comparison to places down south.

I personally think there are too many young unemployed people who choose not to work, because they refuse to get good education and refuse to take low wages. If the government have had a go at the disabled and unemployed families, how long will it be before young single people find themselves getting benefit cuts?

Reply Posted by stevo on Friday March 1 2013 at 17:55
Firstly,you mentioned race,what has race got to do with my comments?
The majority of the immigrant workers in Barnsley are white european.
They are the same as us arent they,the only difference is they speak a different language.

You too have some good points,yes immigration is here to stay i do agree,however,you only have to look at Asos,Gist,Fosters bakery,(etc) who have a large proportion of immigrant workers.
These firms are in areas with high unemployment,grimethorpe,athersley,mapp.

My pitch was that due to the casualisation of the Labour market and eastern european migrants then our local young people are being squeezed out of the jobs market and that the employment agencies are being "racist" to our own local youngsters. (i use this term "loosely" and it works both ways)

The immigrants always put positive spin on why they are here in the UK stating stuff like " we come to do the work that the brits dont want to do" which to a certain degree is true,but whatever is said and done they are here for one thing and one thing only MONEY.

Classic example, "Piotr" from Zlotow, Northern Poland works at Arriva in Wakefield,earning a respectable £22k p.a,his previous job was a a bus driver in Zlotow earning £8k p.a.

Need i say more?

Firms can get away with "just" paying the minimum wage in our area as since it was introduced it has now become the "benchmark" for wage structure.If firms cannot get our local youngsters interested in taking up the vancancies on offer for the MW ,they know that "john" from the "employment" agency will fill any vacancies required with eastern europeans and get a nice comission to boot.

If we complain about eastern europeans taking local jobs,then we are racist,if we complain that Andrej cannot understand what we say,then we are racist,if we complain about Marcin sending money back to his family in Krakow,then we are racist.

I work with some polish lads and the majority speak "reasonable" english,work hard and are generally nice people,but you have to look at the bigger "social" picture,they do not integrate,and do not want to integrate,live in their own specific areas causing "ghettoisation" (normanton being prime example) causing upset and strife amongst the local populous.
One lad i know sends half his wages back to Gdansk,so you tell me how can that be good for our economy?

The only thing that that eastern european immigration has done for us is drive our wages down,put massive pressure on already stretched to the limit public services,nhs,dentists,housing stock,etc,etc,etc.

The only "true" winners on immigration are the migrants themselves,their families back in their home countries benefiting from wages being sent back,family allowance for their dependant children back home,UK landlords renting out their properties to said immigrants and employment agencies hiring eastern european migrants and the firms themselves.

Some things really need to be said if they are worth saying, i tire of political correctness for the sake of political correctness and i am sick of people saying we are racist.

At the end of the day the sooner we start looking after our own the better,if this is deemed "racist" then so be it.

I totally agree with your comments about some young people not wanting to work,there are many families that have never worked,some people i know have never worked since the pits shut,hardly setting a good example is it?
With the lack of modern apprenticeships,tuition fees and the promise of low wages once college/uni is finished as there are no jobs,Barnsley is hardly an inspiring place to live and work.

Reply Posted by Dave on Friday March 1 2013 at 21:22

You make some excellent points, and I strongly agree with you that employment of European staff who don't spend there wages in England is ultimately very bad for the economy in general.

However, as an employer of 8 staff I would in 99% of cases employ an Eastern European over an English lad aged 16-24. This is because they have a greater work ethic. They turn up on time, they don't call in sick, they don't require constant supervision. They don't give you 'attitude'.They do a fare days work for a fare days pay.

As a country we are in very real danger of creating a culture where it is unusual to work, to pay taxes and generally contribute to society. How can we expect young adults who's parents have never worked and lived out benefits to comprehend working for a living. They took will have kids and the cycle continues!
In some ways it's the system that's allows this to happen fault, this must be addressed.

As an employer the long term economy of Britain is not really my concern, I have to do what's best for my company, put food on my table and those who work for me. And sadly that is not to employ English workers but to continue with the policy of the best man for the job which is almost always an Eastern European.

This has to change, but I have no idea how we are going to achieve this.

Reply Posted by Tony on Sunday March 3 2013 at 15:48
The council has laid off employees and is looking to replace them with volunteers. So who gets favoured if the jobs come back, the volunteers or those laid off. Some ethical issues here.