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Business Owners Severely Affected By Roadworks

Tuesday February 26 2013

BUSINESS owners on Dodworth Road claim their trade has been ruined by recent roadworks.

One shopkeeper, who has a sandwich shop, claims he took just 85p on Tuesday.

The roadworks - put up by Yorkshire Water - are due to last six weeks and have meant the closure of the road heading towards the M1.

Drivers who would normally park and nip into shops near the Townend roundabout are now unable to stop.

Cenk Zilce opened the Bite Me sandwich shop on Dodworth Road four months ago.

"I'm trying to establish a business but I can't because of this. It's crippling me," he said. "It's absolutely no good, 85p in one day is terrible. It's not my premises so I'm paying rent and paying for the water and electricity."

Nearby florist Dennis Beevers has also been affected. Owner Simon Curley said: "It's been very quiet. We rely on people parking across the road, coming in and picking up flowers. This couldn't have come at a worse time with Mother's Day coming up. It's usually the best day of the year for us."

Yorkshire Water say it's done its best in notifying everyone who will be affected.

They will also be cutting off the water supply to some businesses on Monday - but will be providing bottles of water to compensate for the businesses not being able to use their taps.

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Reply Posted by Michael on Tuesday February 26 2013 at 13:14
Yes, Yorkshire Water might have notified businesses about the works but just because they have done this doesn't mean that business will continue as normal when clearly it isn't. If anything they should have done work is small segments so the business trade wouldn't suffer as much as it has! they are killing the business's there and it is completely unfair on them, yes the work might need doing but trying to do it in one big go is wrong!

Reply Posted by Dan on Tuesday February 26 2013 at 13:26
Its not a really a big stretch closed off compared to some.
If people were not so lazy they could park further up or on surrounding side streets & walk the couple of minutes it would take.
I'm not saying that it hasn't caused disruption but if work needs doing it needs doing if they didn't there would be far more complaints when it bursts or floods.

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