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Cannon Hall Furniture Disposal

Wednesday October 5 2011

Cannon Hall Cannon Hall

MORE than 20 pieces of antique furniture will be disposed of by Cannon Hall Museum, it has been revealed.

The items - part of the stored furniture collection - are in storage at the moment but officials say they are inadequately stored and very cramped.

A spokesman said: "The result of this is that there are some quite large pieces of furniture which are poorly stored and which are unlikely to be displayed again.

"Large pieces of furniture like this would not be collected by the Museum Service today because they are not priorities in the council's Acquisitions and Disposals Policy.

"The collections have been assessed by museum staff and it was proposed that a small number of pieces of furniture, in the first instance, will be offered to other museums for display. This will allow for better care and access to the remaining items in the museum collection.

"If other museums do not wish to house these items, they will be taken to auction. Any money raised through sales will be earmarked for the benefit of the collections; specifically to improve storage conditions at Cannon Hall Museum."

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Reply Posted by Liz Parkhurst on Saturday October 15 2011 at 16:48
Cannon Hall is a custodian of local treasures; it is a shame to think they can no longer fulfil this trust.
How can they dispose of such items as the polyphon?
A few weeks ago an item of local interest fell into my hands; I had considered donating it to Cannon Hall. Having read the article, I've decided it can stay on my shelves!
Who do these people think they are to give away our heritage?

Reply Posted by Dn_selby on Tuesday October 18 2011 at 13:04
Most people I have spoken to in the last 2 weeks have total agreed with your comments and mine, which I expressed in the Barnsley Chronicle.  Barnsley Council has not got a clue what Barnsley people want.  Cannon Hall should be as a house not a collection of glass cabinets.  Past magic is whats needed in the hall, not collections of endless Moorcroft in glass cabinets etc, give them to the Town Hall they have more than enough room to house them, and put back the period furniture, not in storage but on show where it should be. Year by year we notice room by room being dismatled and these were originally carefully put together by experts who obviously knew what a house like this required.  The Polyphon should be on show to let our childern experience its beautiful sound as I had the pleasure of as a child.  I am sure there is room for this one piece.
I only hope someone will see sence and hold on to our heritage.

What is the saddest part of all, is that these special period pieces are to be sold to provide future racking for further storage, how wonderful is that !!!!!!!!!