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Town's Butchers Do Well After Horse Meat Scandal

Tuesday February 19 2013

BUTCHERS in the area say that business is booming after the horse meat scandal.

A number of leading stores have been caught up in the much-publicised story, with up to 100 per cent horse meat found in so-called beef dishes.

Town centre butchers say shoppers have all been talking about the news.

"It won't do us any harm," said Haydn Roberts, who runs Roberts, on Market Street. "It's all very well blaming the source but they should know where it's come from. If they haven't got that then there's something lacking somewhere."

Paul Schofield, of Schofield's Butcher, also on Market Street, said: "Everybody's been going on about it. We've had it more as jokes than anything though - people asking if I've got any horse meat and I told them I've sold it all to Tesco."

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Reply Posted by carl on Tuesday February 19 2013 at 14:01
i think this storey has run its course lol ?? me n my family have always used the butchers in barnsley indoor market we make all our meals from scratch so we know what were eating ??ever since the chicken scandale at rotherham were chicken was being bleached and recut and sent to schools and even tesco were selling it theres no such thing as cheap meat you get what you pay for thats why i go to Morleys butchers its all local sourced and yummmy

Reply Posted by Robert on Friday February 22 2013 at 11:37
I always use my local butcher, I always use my local businesses if possible. This just shows what corporate companies are mainly like... without a care in the world and the fat cats sit in the ivory tower, counting the profits with glee and greed. SUPPORT BARNSLEY BUSINESSES...

Reply Posted by Amy booker on Friday February 22 2013 at 11:41
Every pay day we go into meat market and buy £30 of meats to go into the freezer to last the month!
Why go to supermarkets and pay twice as much for half as much meat and on top of that not even really know what you're getting?!

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