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Wombwell Sees Clean Up Day After Success Of Grimethorpe's

Monday February 18 2013

HALF a tonne of rubbish was collected from Wombwell in a crackdown by the police, council and firefighters.

This clean up follows another joint operation where a similar day happened in Grimethorpe.

Anti-social behaviour was high on the agenda, and warrants were issued for non-payments of fines. A man and a woman were arrested, and police issued penalties for cannabis possession and obstruction.

Berneslai Homes carried out surveys to gauge views on the area's anti-social behaviour levels. 

The fire service also visited 230 properties. Thirty-one of these homes were found to need a home safety check. This is where firefighters visit a person's home and advise them how to lower the risk of fire. 

The crackdown was organised by tasking officer Fiona Tennyson, who works with the police on behalf of the council.

Jayne Morriss, acting Wombwell Safer Neighbourhood Team sergeant, said: "This has been a resounding success. As well as targeting criminals within the area, we have also been able to collectively focus on quality of life issues raised by the local community, through crime and safety groups and local contacts."

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Reply Posted by carl on Monday February 18 2013 at 15:43
all we got on aldham estate was a fire officer knock on the door ?? at night time round here and week ends we get young kids constantly ringing door bells then shouting a swearing if you challenge them the flats at the top of aldham lane have had sticks stones and mud thrown at their windows ?? its always the same 4 who are doing this aged between 10 to 13 its been reported to police ?? last week they were in an emty house trying to set it on fire us on pearson cresent are sick to death of em ?? and i wont even start with the dog fowel all over peason cres the same dogs the same owners not picking it up ????rant over

Reply Posted by jan on Saturday February 23 2013 at 23:29
the rubbish n fly tipping in wombwell/aldham est n pennine trail at bk of pearson cresent n behind and around simons way flats is disgusting, but as soon as some of it gets removed people are replacing it with more rubbish.and as for dog excrement, its everywhere you walk, the feild behind pearson cresent leading to mill hill looks like a dog loo, and some1 has now started bagging it but dumping it at side of sum1s fence feet away from that persons backdoor. about time we had some dog wardens/ shit sighters driving around