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Council Urges Awareness Of Food Poisoning

Thursday February 14 2013

BARNSLEY Council’s Environmental Health officers are urging the public to be vigilant against food poisoning.

In 2012 there were 451 cases of proven food poisoning in Barnsley. However, because most people affected don’t go to the doctor after suffering with the illness, it's thought that these figures don’t show the full picture.

It is estimated that there are 10 times as many cases in reality.

Cllr Roy Miller, said: “Food poisoning is no joke - you can be very ill with it. A few people get ill from trips abroad and a few by eating out but most food poisoning is picked up from an unknown source and probably from the home.“

They've released a set of guidelines for you to follow which urge you to get into the habit of making sure you're unable to allow bacteria to multiply.

These include cleaning all surfaces, washing your hands after touching raw meat, storing the meat at the correct temperature (less than 8°C if refridgerated) and always at the bottom of the fridge.

As well as storing correctly before cooking, the council urge you to cook meat and poultry thoroughly. For joints, juices have to run clear and if you're in doubt it's advised that you get a meat thermometer to check that it has reached 75°C.

Barnsley Council’s Food Safety team investigates food poisonings and can be contacted on 01226 772468 (regulatoryservice@barnsley.gov.uk).

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Reply Posted by lyndon on Thursday February 14 2013 at 16:29
Does poisoning your partners dinner on valentines day class as food poisoning?

Reply Posted by boston on Friday February 15 2013 at 00:21
only if you get caught lol

Reply Posted by les on Friday February 15 2013 at 09:22
I think its a bit late for trying to make people aware of food poisoning (contamination) . Years ago they said that there was no food value in a pot noodle and that instead of eating corn flakes,
you should eat the box. well i think in the present climate i would rather eat pot noodles and cornflakes.......
No one has mentioned sausages or the other wider field of processed meats.
what about the sushi eaters people who use raw fish.....did you know that according to the f s a if you buy a salmon from joe bloggs who has been fishing in rivers you could be in for a really serious case of food poisoning if its. not stored or cooked properly meaning you shouldnt eat it raw.....at all....
Its been a source of many jokes over the horse thing for witch i have joined in
but the reality is its no joke i for one will not buy processed food in any form containing meat........and when it comes
down to reality the blame lies purely with the government and the f s a ...
The government because of food labeling
we have so many languages on labels and e numbers the writing is so small you need a microscope to read it they dont do all that multilingual labeling. in other countrys. look when you buy foods that have been brought in....
It doesnt tell you what your suppose to do with it because its not in english....
The f s a are at fault because they dont do spot checks and come down on people i have known in my time some disgusting places to eat .bins outside doors full of old food full of flys with doors open to food preperation not more than 8 feet away and was like that for years.......
This is by far not the end of the story the public has to speak up about this matter. and when you eat something that gives you the tom tits..report it if you get it twice dont even buy from there...dont order food in from a leaflet unless you have seen the place where it comes from
you would be surprised...........the name joe bloggs does not refer to any real person...........