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Overwhelming Rejection For Proposed Royston School Development

Monday February 11 2013

AROUND 300 letters have been handed in to the council from residents who oppose the redevelopment plans at Royston High School.

Royston councillors Graham Kyte, and Tim and Tracey Cheetham handed in the objections at the planning offices on Wednesday.

Kier Property Developments submitted a planning application for 143 houses, a supermarket and petrol station on the site.

It also includes car parking space, landscaping and an outline application for a health centre.

The council-owned land - thought to be worth around £7m - has long been a topic of conversation on We Are Barnsley. Many of you have opposed as there are three supermarkets in Royston and a petrol station already.

''These letters represent the tip of the iceberg as far as objections are concerned,'' said Cllr Kyte. ''Another supermarket and petrol station are not needed or wanted in Royston.''

Fred Harston, chairman of Royston Tenants and Residents' Association, said one of the biggest problems would be an increase in traffic.

"There will be 143 houses going up, which could mean up to 300 cars if families have two cars,'' he said. ''The road structure was not built to take that kind of traffic. Its already tight on Midland Road when cars are parked on each side of the road.''

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Reply Posted by Dan on Monday February 11 2013 at 13:03
Hold on a minute, we need housing above all. More people in the town = more people to make a living and contribute to the local economy. A new supermarket = a new car park, new supermarket = more places to shop, both lessening congestion along Midland Road. New supermarket also = competitive prices. New petrol station means more pumps for the increase in the local population. All I can see there is pro's. This borough needs development, don't hinder it.

Reply Posted by peter on Monday February 11 2013 at 16:08
Are there really 300 letters of objection or is it a petition with three hundred signatures?

Surely this development would be good for Royston and for the borough of Barnsley as a whole. Extra housing is needed in the village and the council tax generated would help to support services across the Borough. If I was a local trader I would take exception to my three local councillors opposing this development. Additional people in the village would help to support local businesses and there would be jobs created during the construction phase and permanent position created when the retail/health elements of the scheme open. What do these Councillors want to see happen with this land? In order to maximise the value of the land it needs to be sold for housing or retail. Are we sure that selling this land to Kier, with whom the Council appear to have a cosy relationship, is in the best possible commercial interest of the Borough. Could they not offer the land for sale on the open market for a greater financial reward?

Reply Posted by LV on Thursday February 14 2013 at 19:18
and only a few weeks ago they were complaining about 'polution' from the coking plant... Some Roystoners are never happy it seems! Why don't they all move out of Royston so it can be flattened and made into something useful to society.

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