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Penistone Drivers Warned

Wednesday February 13 2013

POLICE say drivers caught travelling in the wrong direction down a busy Penistone one-way system will be fined.

Near-collisions are said to occur on a daily basis at the top of Shrewsbury Road because of motorists ignoring traffic regulations, according to local business owners and residents.

Officers from Penistone police station parked close to the one-way system for an hour recently and they said they're keeping an eye on the situation.

PC Nichola Garbett, said: "Anyone who is contravening the one-way system will be dealt with by way of fixed penalty ticket.''

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Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday February 13 2013 at 13:19
Travelling wrong way down a one way should be more than a fixed penalty. Biggest risk is that pedestrians only look the way traffic SHOULD be travelling. Offenders need points & a court appearance for dangerous driving.

Reply Posted by wiggsy on Tuesday February 19 2013 at 18:52
Leave it to the No 21 buses to sort 'em out. Now the junction is one way the buses tend to sweep in at a lesser angle and sometimes they don't need to slow down too much. Any law-breaker who reaches the junction just as a bus sweeps in will never do it again, guaranteed.
To be more constructive, instead of painted lines on the road, can an obstruction i.e. kerbstones, bollards, chevron signs, be placed in the road to stop cars sneaking forward to the junction instead of turning right and going around the one way system? It would be better than cleaning up after a smash, and people cannot always get over being badly injured, or worse.