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Closing Of Worsbrough Youth Club A 'Great Loss'

Friday February 8 2013

THE closure of a Worsbrough youth club because the building is in need of repair is a great loss to the community, according to a councillor.

Bank End Youth Club has shut its doors to the 20 kids it attracted up to three times a week.

It was based in a former police house on Overdale Avenue but Cllr Gill Carr said because the building needed about £100,000 to be spent on repairs to bring it up to scratch it had to close.

She described losing it as a 'disaster' - particularly as other youth clubs in the borough face closure under Barnsley Council's plans to save £3million in its budget.

"It needs a lot of money spending on it and there aren't the resources," said Cllr Carr.

"It is going to be a great loss to the community. I know the fear of crime is bad which is why youth provision is cost effective - it costs a lot more to put right wrong doing on a dark night."

She also claimed youngsters would be reluctant to use other youth clubs in the area.

Despite concern the club's closure could lead to a rise in crime, Insp Julie Mitchell is not worried because there is plenty of youth provision in the area.

"We are aware of it closing from the youth worker we meet with," she said. "It normally gets about 20 kids attending regularly and the plan is for them to still attend on the nights when Bank End Youth Club normally opens and walk them down to Hunningley Lane Youth Club so they can continue to attend there."

''The area is quite well served for youth clubs and I have no concerns at this time about a rise in crime."

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Reply Posted by Tina on Saturday February 9 2013 at 06:50
right ok so a building will cost too much to repair, fair enough the borough is too busy spending the money on crap we dont need or want than to concentrate on 20 or so kids that are happy keeping off street corners and out of trouble. There is a logical solution to this the Ward green community centre is in need of people hiring it out otherwise it is set to close and bank end isnt a million miles from ward green all it means is that the parents have to help out by bringing the kids and fetching them at the end i know thats alot to ask of parent these days but surely it would be a solution

Reply Posted by Claire on Wednesday February 13 2013 at 22:10
I went to this youth club when I was growing up as did nearly everyone I know on the estate. It's gutting to see that it's closing after giving so many kids so many great memories. It's a huge loss for the community

Reply Posted by sami on Wednesday February 13 2013 at 22:27
I'm not been funny but the councillors need to change their contractor. It doesn't cost that to build a 4 bed detached house, surely it could be renovated for a third of the price to a good local contractor in need of the work.

Reply Posted by Jules on Wednesday February 13 2013 at 22:32
The comment from Tina says it all"I know that's a lot to ask of parents these days"jesus christ, why have these PARENTS got kids???erm,let's not go there!worsbro,kendry,bank end,same old same old,you sound decent Tina,get outa there girl!

Reply Posted by Penny on Thursday February 14 2013 at 06:39
Could they apply for a Lottery Grant to help? There's so many grants available these days!

Reply Posted by Alison on Thursday February 14 2013 at 13:43
My eldest son and my youngest step-daughter used to go there and there were certainly more than 20 attending! You could build a new building for that amount. Why not have they youth club service moved elsewhere, eg Bank End School, the Sure Start building, the football place (cant remember the name)? Worsbrough needs somewhere for the kids.