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HMV Announces Barnsley Store Is To Close

Thursday February 7 2013

HMV Barnsley HMV Barnsley

BARNSLEY'S HMV store is to close in the next two months.

It's been announced that the troubled firm's administrators, Deloitte, have earmarked 66 stores across the country to close - and Barnsley's been named as one of those.

Deloitte said no fixed date had been set for the closure of the 66 identified stores, which would continue to trade in the meantime.

"This step has been taken in order to enhance the prospects of securing the future of HMV," said Nick Edwards, joint administrator at Deloitte.

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Reply Posted by Craig on Thursday February 7 2013 at 11:24
Another big-name store leaves town. Another nail in the coffin of Barnsley town-centre. I notice Meadowhall is NOT on the closure list...

Reply Posted by bessy baby on Thursday February 7 2013 at 13:12
Thats a real shame! Barnsley is a good town and just needs some modernisation as it is laughable very dated. It really needs a facelift...but another empty shop is not going to help :(

Reply Posted by sharon wood on Thursday February 7 2013 at 22:28
rubbish. no music shop in town.

Reply Posted by chris on Friday February 8 2013 at 09:48
bring back casa disco

Reply Posted by Lea on Saturday February 9 2013 at 20:07
Such a shame all these shops are closing, I was gutted when Woolworths went out of business and now all these big name companies are proving too much for specialty shops ! I try to shop at smaller businesses now a days

Reply Posted by just me on Sunday February 10 2013 at 09:15
Suprise suprise the only store in town for cds and DVDs is closing there isnt anywhere for big women to buy clothes what has barnsley

Reply Posted by STEVO on Monday February 18 2013 at 18:32
Thats it for me,Bye Bye Barnsley,The only time you shall see me if when i require my hair cutting once every four weeks.

No HMV,the only place to buy cd's / dvd's now at Asda and Tesco.

Would rather buy online or go to Meadowhall,free parking,quality shops with the goods that i want to buy.

Barnsleys only saving graces are as follows:

Frank Bird

Barnsley is dead,knock it down and start again...Oh hang on... But i have no doubt our elected councillors will make a pigs ear of that.

Reply Posted by tyler gragam on Tuesday March 12 2013 at 10:18

Reply Posted by james harthill on Tuesday March 12 2013 at 10:19
well bad shop you should make it cheaper turn it into 12 pence shop

Reply Posted by normal person on Tuesday March 12 2013 at 10:21

ipso Regulated