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Barnsley Parking Issues Result In Forty-Six Police Incidents

Thursday February 7 2013

THE fight for parking on side streets around Barnsley Hospital has resulted in slashed tyres, smashed windows and wing mirrors being knocked off.

Insp Julie Mitchell, of the police's Barnsley Central Area Safer Neighbourhood Team, said 46 incidents relating to parking around the hospital were reported in 2012.

She was speaking to Barnsley Council's scrutiny commission following a 'call for action' over parking from Cllr Penny Lofts.

The commission discussed solutions such as a 'Rent A Drive' scheme, park and ride for hospital workers and more resident-only parking.

However, members heard that putting in more residents' parking could cost £100,000 and no government funding was available.

Pogmoor Residents' Association member Marlene Crossland said some elderly people were choosing to stay in rather than struggling to manoeuvre their vehicles out round the parked cars. "It's a nightmare - a real emotional problem for some," she said.

Cllr Lofts says people's driveways are being blocked, bins are not being collected because lorries can't get up and down streets, and drop-kerbs for wheelchairs and mobility scooters are being blocked.

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Reply Posted by Can't Get out on Thursday February 7 2013 at 15:18
Try Nicholas Street, everyone else seems to.

Reply Posted by anon on Thursday February 7 2013 at 15:43
You have to ask, if the residents mentioned cannot maonouvere their cars simply because other cars are parked on the street - are they capable, competent and safe enough drivers to be driving at all?

Reply Posted by greenginger on Thursday February 7 2013 at 15:56
Everytime I have been to the hospital I managed to park in the legal car parks so it strikes me that this is about not wanting to pay for parking.
It is not fair that people are getting their cars damaged because of illegal parking but those living near the hospital must expect to be plagued as people will always try to park there.

Reply Posted by Anonymous on Thursday February 7 2013 at 16:16
Staff have no choice but to pay to park at work. £5.00 a day is extortionate - soon it will not be worth some hospital staff coming to work!!

Reply Posted by dan on Thursday February 7 2013 at 16:44
Confused???? Why r staff paying 5.00 a day to park when our lass had our lil girl b4 xmas I bought a weeks pass for 7 quid ?? Even at visiting times I managed t get parked across road,ppl just don't wanna pay,all hospitals r the same for parkin round.... Crazy

Reply Posted by G on Thursday February 7 2013 at 17:04
I don't think it's a case of local resident's getting angry because they can't park smack bang outside their house, or that they must not be able to competently drive. It's more a case of that the people who park their cars on these streets are doing so inconsiderately. For example, parking right up to the end of people's driveways on both sides, and another car parking directly opposite the driveway. It makes it very very difficult to get the angles needed to safely get ones car in and out. It creates a hazard because drivers cannot see the road clearly in order to be able to pull out safely. This kind of parking also happens on the junctions of streets. Sometimes it's nigh on impossible to pull safely out of a junction because the cars are parked so close to the ends creating not only a physical, but visual obstacle. The people who park there for working at the hospital or visitors aren't doing it maliciously - they just don't think about how their parking is affecting others. Also, the amount of cars trying to cram themselves onto the pavements to park creates a really bad hazard for wheelchairs/pushchairs. They park on the dropped kerbs and so close together that I often have to walk on the road when crossing it with the pram, until finding a space big enough to get the pram back onto the pavement. As a previous poster has already commented, it costs £7 for a weekly pass. Fair enough, the hospital car park isn't the biggest but there's the big new hospital carpark across the road on Pogmoor Road/Summer Lane. That's massive and always has more than enough spaces spare when I pass it. People should not resort to vandalism - that's just not right at all. But this is an issue that needs looking at. The street I live on has a permit scheme and the problem cleared right up immediately. The downside of that was that it just pushed the problem on to the surrounding streets where the residents voted against a permit scheme.

Reply Posted by Anonymous on Thursday February 7 2013 at 18:23
Staff aren't allowed to buy weekly £7 passes. You can only buy them if your a visitor or patient

Reply Posted by driver on Thursday February 7 2013 at 20:00
I have had no problem getting a space in the car park since the opening of the new carpark. It's very rare they are all used and the spaces are wider than those next to the hospital. I dont agree with the prices charged as they have recently been increased which is unfair. I think they all ready make more that enough with the cost of parking and think it's wrong they should try and make more just as greater increases on resistant parking was introduced. The biggest issue is with staff parking as they have limited spaces pay xamount a week and doesn't guaruntee them a space. This means they have no choice but to park on the streets due to lack of parking. It ridiculous how many of their cars get damaged just because they have no choice or any where else to park. I would like to think those who do damage the cars dont ever become ill and expect to use the hospital as the person caring for them may just be the one paying for £££ of damages for trying to care and do their job for the vandal or their friends and family.
Its same for bus drivers cars. Theres never enough spaces and they come back to vandalized cars. Can almost guaruntee the vandal and their family use public transport. Cos they wouldn't do it if they knew the full extent of the cost of the damage they were causing. Usually more than the drivers and nurses have earnt that week.
Staff parking should be prioritised by employers to help ensure these sort of problems dont arises which helps us all in the long term as would also cut the cost on the police force and helping the council tax not go up as high each year!
Also I think a public name And shame of the culprits would help discourage the behavior. After all were all paying for them and their stupid behavior, why shouldn't we know who we're paying for!

Reply Posted by jo-jo on Thursday February 7 2013 at 21:23
I full agree parking is a major problem and the problem is made worse by inconsiderate parking when this area has two schools and old people who need access footpaths safely , the few people with drives can not park in their drives if the people have parked on drop curbs grass verges and blocked their access. We have trouble with bins not been emptied so what would happen if fire engine or ambulance need access. The junctions are very hazardous to drivers and pedestrians, ever day you can envisage a child being knocked down as drivers have parked on corners and both sides of street making this area a dice with death daily . If you must park PLEASE IMAGINE IT IS YOUR HOUSE THAT YOU ARE PARKING OUTSIDE AND YOUR RUBBISH AS NOT BEEN REMOVED SO RATS START CALLING AT YOUR DOOR....... AND JUST IMAGINE A FIRE ENGINE CAN SAVE YOUR LOVED ONE BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO REMOVE CARS THAT ARE BLOCKING ACCESS TO YOUR ELDERLY OR DISABLED MOTHER FATHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE PARKING THINK PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by king louis on Monday February 11 2013 at 08:46
the highway is there to drive, ride or park on if its done safely and legally thats why we pay our road tax. People from other areas park on my street when visiting friends and I park on other peoples streets when I'm visiting friends. Buying a house in certain areas we will often find it hard to park outside our own home. Seaside is one area, near an hospital is another...accept its a fact of life, you dont buy the street only the house...we pay to use the road outside your house and my house too...its share thing

Reply Posted by King Louis on Monday February 11 2013 at 08:55
If you request a resident only parking on your street or just outside your own house then this should be available to you and totally free of cost but your number plate should be coded so that its illegal for you to park on anyone else's street and it should be that you receive a fine of £30 if you do.park on a street anywhere in the UK