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Council Asks For Patience With Ongoing A61 Roadworks

Wednesday February 6 2013

BARNSLEY Council wants drivers to be patient over ongoing work on the town's A61 Wakefield Road/Burton Road scheme.

The council said they were trying to finish the bus corridor work as quickly as possible, but said it was likely to be ''time-consuming and disruptive to traffic.''

Cabinet spokesman Coun Roy Miller, said: "We know the work will improve safe access, speed up bus travel times and cut pollution from queuing traffic. We appreciate the support of the public over what has been a very difficult site."

As we reported last week, the road to Wickes DIY store at Old Mill Lane was closed and vehicles were diverted to the newly-built access road off the roundabout on the new bypass.

The access road leads to a new car park next to Wickes that has been created to promote use of Dearne Valley Country Park.

The council said delays were possible because of the need to divert power cables - work which could only be done by electricity distributor Northern Powergrid. However, work was likely to be completed by June.

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Reply Posted by Burton Road Resident on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 15:41
PATIENT? PATIENT? How long does it take, it should have taken 4 months to complete, then the land fiasco ensued then back in December we were told completion in March Now JUNE, what are they saying now at BMBC they didn't know about the Power Cables?

There should be a public enquiry into the whole handling of this sorry affair I would like to know the proposed cost and actual cost as well as if we will actually see any benefit.

Reply Posted by s66 on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 15:45
i think we have all run out of patience, it's an absolute sham, and a health and safety hazzard !!!!!........... i'm very surprised there has'nt been an accident of some kjnd........ Disgusting !!!!

Reply Posted by allan machen on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 15:55
haw longs this going to take to do 12 months like every thing else council if they had thought about it they could av diverted trafic past school around whicks leaving them to just get on with it

Reply Posted by john on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 16:31
they in competition with the farce at side o town hall. seen a few near misses at new wickes roundabout cos cars not used to other cars frm burton rd turning into wickes. & y waste money on a bus lane cos the 1 on wakefield rd gets used by more cars than buses

Reply Posted by Leevy on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 16:33
Barnsley has the best traffic planners in the world, not many towns can boast a roundabout like weve got at Stairfoot.???

Reply Posted by saz on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 16:45
Do any of the council people ever go check what there doin???? its been goin on now over a year and the holes in the road where theyve been geeting bigger and deeper! im seriously concidering sending photos the bbc and getting watch dog or summat on it to find out if its the worst rd in the uk! council tax and road tax have never been so expensive and this is what we have to put up with??? its rediculous theres now another massive hole across from burton rd from when they closed the road to mess about, if A61 wakefield rd was out side downing street or the town hall a bet it would have been sorted asap! its a joke!

Reply Posted by phil on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 18:52
too much time to get done,too much money spent on it,for what ? will be good to see what effect it has on traffic flow....if any.oh theres another drain lets throw some more money down it.

Reply Posted by Charles on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 19:06
If this is the best that Councillor Miller can do he should do us all a favour and pack it in and let someone with ability do the job.

Works have now been taking place on site since November 2010 and here we are in February 2013 with the work far from complete. What a shambles. Councillor Miller should hang his head in shame.

I hope that people realise that this road scheme will discriminate against motorists, giving buses preference on this stretch of road.

As just about every other council in the country are disbanding their bus lanes we are creating new ones at substantial cost. The council then asks residents where they should make their cuts. They would not need to make any cuts if the Councillors and senior officers ran the affairs of the Borough in an efficient manner.

Reply Posted by Eggbox on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 20:06
BMBC are not constructing these works. These are being done by a Contractor working for the Council.

Reply Posted by charlie on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 22:10
It nt safe walkin up to the school as they close path off and have not made sum were to cross over

Reply Posted by guestymcguest on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 22:48
Eggbox 0 the works are being done by a contractor, but the planning works were done by the council, trust me if it had been a private firm doing the whole job it would have been completed by now as they wouldn't have been able to afford the fines that the council impose on overrunning road works. back in December we were told march now another 3 months over that

communication by the council has been really poor, there has been no explanation as to why the works have overrun by so long, I mean its embarrassing really.

We're really getting a crappy deal from our council now, what with the town hall museum disappearing off the radar (should have been open last year)

The new council gardens (6 months of single lane traffic outside of town hall and not a lot done)

Should I even mention the town centre redevelopment which goes on and on and on and on, without a shovel going in the ground.

This is what we are getting for our council tax folks remember that the next time you visit the ballot box

Why is Councillor Miller in Charge of

Reply Posted by me on Thursday February 7 2013 at 10:51
this country as - - - - ed up good time,we are the ones that need help not everybody else that they help as soon as owt goes wrong,send millions to places its abart time they said right thats it ,its time we got this country in to shape for a change,not happy unless they charge us more money on things,like this stupid bedroom tax for 1 never herd owt as stupid ,carnt wait to get some saved up to get away from this place .

Reply Posted by JDM YO on Thursday February 7 2013 at 12:53
The site is an absolute joke, they just seized work, its weird really. Its like a Urban Exploration off 28dayslater.co.uk.

The stretch coming down from Asda to the corner where the houses are past the front of wickes is an absolute disgrace. I have a tastefully slighly modified Japanese Imported car which is lowered slightly on very expensive suspension and this is a joke to drive on. I have to do about 3mph across this stretch, and its dangerous as the driver behind does not expect this.

When an accident happens who will be liable!

Get some chippings down to smooth out those 50mm x 300mm potholes!

Reply Posted by Jonathan Smitj on Thursday February 7 2013 at 13:26
Yes it is contractors doing the work for the council but it is the councils fault poor planning that's created this mayhem but don't they always what a joke

Reply Posted by les on Friday February 8 2013 at 01:44
Of course its the councils fault that the roads are bad and its also dr beechings fault for getting rid of all the railways that goods used to travel by and of course its the romans fault that they made long straight roads and built stupid low profile cars to drive on these roads and its belgiums fault that they created speed cameras to slow people down.......but while everyone is complaining about fault
think what everone is saying in these comments. its your fault. owning two many cars. expecting to have all these goods delivered to your door...now.. trucks from all over europe bringing you cheaper goods. wanting to get there faster. think about what your saying.....
One bus will carry up to60 passengers or more how many cars replace that amount
of people on average.......about 20 to 30 cars for 10 buses that is 2 to 300 cars.....no insurance costs..no tax no breakdown cover no fuel no debt no stress and with phone technology you can walk out of your house and catch a bus within a couple of minutes .......stop moaning about the state off the roads and do something about them.....catch a bus

Reply Posted by top seo guys on Thursday October 24 2013 at 15:13
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