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MP Wants High Speed 2 Station In Barnsley

Monday February 4 2013

Dan Jarvis MP Dan Jarvis MP

A STATION for the High Speed 2 rail line could be built in Barnsley instead of Sheffield.

MP Dan Jarvis was speaking after details for the line showed the link to Leeds would cut across Barnsley, and trains would pass through Hoyland Common, Ardsley, Lundwood, Cudworth and Shafton.

"In terms of locating a HS2 station in Barnsley as opposed to Sheffield Meadowhall, there would clearly be huge economic benefit to Barnsley,'' said Mr Jarvis.

Owen Gleadall, president of the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, is also in support. "It would be a huge coup for the town,'' he said. ''It then becomes something other than just Barnsley and instead a town with a high-speed rail terminal." 

Would you like to see this in Barnsley? It's proven to be a huge talking point here and on the WAB Facebook page.

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Reply Posted by brendan clarke on Monday February 4 2013 at 13:57
hi, yes i think it would be a good idea to boost the economic structure of barnsley and the surrounding areas and cudworth line as still the foundations for a station and line from the disused rail network that used to be used for the colliery so there would not be that much devastation on the landmark, me personly think its a great idea and hope to see it here!

Reply Posted by howmanymorecuts on Monday February 4 2013 at 14:38
Waste of money with all the cut backs and peoples benefits being cut hundreds of barnsley folk struggling to keep warm. how many more rich people will benefit from this as the normal every day person who will be paying not rail networks .the cost will go up by god knows how much the cost of tickets will be out of range for the every day man

Reply Posted by Robert on Monday February 4 2013 at 14:44
Dan, I am sure the Barnsley people will back you 100%. This could be the golden employment opportunity for 100's if not 1000's of people WHO WANT TO WORK. London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds get everything while the towns suffer... Let's get Barnsley back on the map!

Reply Posted by mick on Monday February 4 2013 at 15:11
damn good idea. it would drag Barnsley out of the backwater that it's become and inject vitality back into the 'tarn'

Reply Posted by carl on Monday February 4 2013 at 15:14
32billion pounds could clear half the national debt ??? lets see how many yorkshire firms get to win tenders for this ?? i dont think its a good idea as they cant get the normal rail services to run properly and what will the fares cost ?its more for the toffs to get back to london in an hour to go to the theaters ?? does this mean they wont claim for second homes in london i doubt it

Reply Posted by John Burke on Monday February 4 2013 at 16:09
It should be built at tankersley the link to the M1

Reply Posted by greenginger on Monday February 4 2013 at 16:45
Be realistic here. Why would they build a station in Barnsley? Where would it be as the existing station is too small? What has Barnsley to offer compared with Meadowhall for any reason? It sounds too good to be true therefore it probably is.

Reply Posted by Wages not benefit ! on Monday February 4 2013 at 19:35
Howmanymorecuts-This will create 100's if not 1000's of jobs locally, then people want have to worry about there benefits being cut because they will have a job. It's a strange phenomenon for some people I know, but we need more tax payers to pay the tax to cover the costs of benefits for those who don't work !!!

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Monday February 4 2013 at 21:00
Not going to happen I'm afraid - Meadowhall is the best we can hope for and is the most realistic to benefit Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield with the existing rail/supertram links. Bare in mind that by 2032 we will probably have the hybrid tram/trains running up and down the existing railway lines so things should be better - I say should !!! I wouldn't be surprised if some of the trains don't actually stop at Meadowhall providing an almost direct link from London to Leeds non stop, now that would be tempting for the train operator(s).

Reply Posted by Andy clegg on Monday February 4 2013 at 21:17
All for it if it creates work for uk citizen and our young generation leaving school in Barnsley

Reply Posted by Mr Me on Tuesday February 5 2013 at 10:09
Not sure how spending 30 something billion pound would make sense in this "deficit". Sure it would generate jobs, but then how much is it going to cost tax payers to maintain this?
Hike in rail prices?
People are struggling to meet cost of living requirements, but hey lets build a rail network...
This government, backside, find and both hands spring to mind.

Reply Posted by G on Tuesday February 5 2013 at 11:45
Why? There's nothing in Barnsley for people to want to come here for. Apart from Pound shops, charity shops, and pubs.

Reply Posted by Leevy on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 11:55
I suppose it would be handy for Dan to get back quicker to London with the rest of the crooks in parliament.

Reply Posted by LetsBeRealistic on Saturday February 9 2013 at 14:59
Yes, everywhere wants an HS2 station, but even Sheffield is backing off from the idea, now that it has been decided that any area that benefits will have to pay something towards the costs.

Do you want your rates etc to rise to cover the costs of a fancy rail line that will give a journey time that is estimated to only be about 15 minutes quicker?