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Clegg Thanks South Yorkshire Police

Friday February 1 2013

NICK Clegg has written to South Yorkshire Police to thank officers for their hard work which brought about a 7 per cent reduction in crime last year.

''I believe it's important to recognise the reduction in crime and thank all the officers and staff for their outstanding achievement.“

Figures show that violent and vehicle crime has fallen, but alarmingly house burglaries and metal theft figures are up - the latter's had a drastic 24 per cent increase.

Deputy Chief Constable Bob Dyson said: "These are challenging times for the police service but figures show our ongoing commitment to tackle crime and keep people safe.''

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Reply Posted by mad bitch on Friday February 1 2013 at 19:59
Hes only saying that to get votes cos cons party have shafted the cops with cuts....in the end everyone shafts everyone...look at him that lost his job for calling a cop a 'PLEB'....they shafted him. ..Everyone shafts everyone lol

Reply Posted by Ben Dover on Sunday February 3 2013 at 18:42
I think that you should be reading more About the important things in Barnsley and not some MP wanting to look nice by pickin a random place and thanking their officers for publicity. It's obscene.... ( and don't laugh about the name my mums dumb)

Reply Posted by Ellie young on Sunday February 3 2013 at 18:47
I disagree with both o you because in actual fact it was a nice thing for a busy mp to do for a small county like us, we'll done South Yorkshire police !! :)

Reply Posted by mad bitch on Monday February 4 2013 at 04:26
Lmao ben dover....lol love it!
Well done south yorkshire for what? exactly! Covering up the hillborough disaster????? Yer a rite mint job they did there! They must be proud as punch....im suprized any MP knows where barnsley or even s.yorks is...lol