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Barnsley Shows Considerable Progress In New Report

Tuesday January 29 2013

Flourishing Barnsley Flourishing Barnsley

BARNSLEY Council has welcomed an influential report on towns and cities in the UK.

The Centre For Cities – Cities Outlook Report 2013 shows that Barnsley is the best performing in private sector employment growth.

Cllr Linda Burgess, said: “For Barnsley to record the largest increase in private sector employment out of all the 64 main towns and cities in the UK is fantastic news and shows that even despite these challenging economic times, Barnsley is a great place to invest and grow your business.''

While nationally there was little change in private sector employment between 2010 and 2011, Barnsley saw the largest increase in this area and it tops the table with 7.2 per cent growth - against a 1.1 per cent point average nationally.

The borough is also named as having a 3.3 per cent point rise in overall employment.

When it comes to housing supply growth, Barnsley is also doing well, featuring as one of the top 10 places with the highest housing stock growth (coming third out of 63).

Cllr Burgess added: “There is a lot to be positive about in Barnsley. Business survival rates are increasing, jobs are being created, more local residents are in employment and workplace weekly pay is increasing.''

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Reply Posted by greenginger on Tuesday January 29 2013 at 15:00
Lies, damn lies and statistics.
Barnsley is a dump and going downhill. Housing growth is so high because we keep letting the council sell off lovely green belt land cheap to developers so that they get more council tax. We have some of the smallest houses in Europe with smallest plots.
I dont know anyone who has had a pay rise either. This is a load of manipulated figures and has no basis in reality whatsoever.

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Tuesday January 29 2013 at 18:04
And yet people bleat when these same statisitcs place Barnsley near the bottom of these tables - you can't have it both ways. Out of interest greenginger what evidence / statisitcs are you using to back up the quotes you've made about selling off cheap green belt land? and really you don't know anyone who has had a pay rise?

Reply Posted by Mick on Tuesday January 29 2013 at 19:50
When you are at the bottom - the only way is up! And as for housing supply i'm not surprised, from what I see as I drive around the borough, the planners seem to be willing to let anyone build anything, anywhere they like. We are making a very ugly town.

Reply Posted by Chris on Tuesday January 29 2013 at 22:27
Rise in housing stock growth??? Possibly because of the new agreement where land can be sold to private builders if they agree to build certain percentage of "affordable homes". In other words "social housing" !!! Where people who have worked hard all their lives live in "mixed tenure" communities at the side of people who have the privilege of living in a new home rent and council tax free, whilst claiming benefits !! That's what makes an ugly town cause all those working and having to pay mortgages look angry and stressed to death at the joke of it all!!!

Reply Posted by Vicki on Wednesday January 30 2013 at 13:38
Chris, not all of us who live in the new social houses live rent free and are claiming benefits! I was on the housing list 4 years before being offered one of these houses. I work full time, pay full rent, receive no benefits and only 40% towards my childcare. Don't tar us all with the same brush!!

Reply Posted by greenginger on Wednesday January 30 2013 at 14:48
No Hoyland red I do not know anyone who has had a payrise. If you have or do well lucky you!
As for statistics regarding the selling off of Green Belt Land what is the point in quoting them, you just want an argument. I honestly think that Barnsley has lots of problems including the development of green belt as opposed to all the brown field sites. Plus poor education, high unemployment, failing small businesses.
Now apart from having a go at me what exactly was your point? No I didnt think you had one.........

Reply Posted by Hoyland Red on Wednesday January 30 2013 at 22:03
My point unless it's not clear to you is that someone (Centre for cities) has, based on a set of criteria come up with table showing how town and cities are performing. In the past Barnsley were shown to be doing poorly, now the same table shows they're improving and yet still you complain and say it's lies -quoting various observations that you have and I quote "selling off lovely green belt land cheap to developers". Can you prove it - simple question really. Not spoiling for a fight but it's the easiest thing in the world to throw comments around on the internet without substance that some people then take as gospel. If you have proof great lets read it. That's my point.

Reply Posted by Guesty Mcguest on Wednesday January 30 2013 at 14:49
I hope BMBC are very proud they can look around affluent Barnsley, The Beacon of the North with the high employment, the great prospects the amazing infrastructure and amazing growth we've had in the last couple of years....

Lets look again high poverty levels, high youth unemployment, low wages, poor infrastructure, a post soviet era eastern european style town center.
and a council that will let you build on the back of a postage stamp,and any greenbelt, but will not give any local businesses a break in taxes or help. but will spends as much as much larger councils on consultants.

Give em all a chief executive payrise at BMBC they've worked their bloody socks off.

This smacks of Animal Farm and 1984 all rolled into one.

Reply Posted by Aunt Hilder on Thursday January 31 2013 at 07:09
Greenginger and others.

We know Barnsley has its problems but the recovery has got to start somewhere. If we, as a community, cannot blow our own trumpet when we get a little good news on the economic front how can we expect anyone else to? Barnsley has to sell itself to prospective investors and businesses if things are to improve. So let's celebrate what little good news there is.

Reply Posted by Charles on Friday February 1 2013 at 17:21
Sorry Aunt Hilder, but there is very little to be proud of in Barnsley, save for the spirit of the many good people who have to endure life here.

Guesty McGuest has got it right when he sets out above just some of the many problems which affect our town.

In Barnsley we are sadly bottom of all the league tables where we would like to be top and top of all the league tables where we would like to be bottom.

Our Labour councillors have brought this situation about after many, many years of bad management.