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Town Centre Redevelopment Looks For Funding

Tuesday January 29 2013

Town Centre Redesign Town Centre Redesign

BARNSLEY Council has instructed its partners that are involved in the 1249 Regeneration Partnership to seek out potential funding from not only this country, but abroad too.

International funding institutions are being looked at for the investment that's needed to allow work to finally start on the long-awaited Barnsley Markets Project.

Tony Baker, the man tasked with finding investment, said: "The response has been very positive indeed. This scheme is exactly what Barnsley needs and I am confident it will be developed."

The proposed £100m redevelopment aims to bring in more shoppers - giving the town's economy a much-needed boost.

Cllr Steve Houghton says currently 60 per cent of the disposable income of Barnsley people is spent outside the borough.

"If only half of that came back into Barnsley that would be a huge increase in the number of shoppers and the amount they were all spending," he said.  

It's said that the plans will form a new central retail core for the town anchored by Debenhams department store, an Odeon seven-screen cinema, 35 retail and leisure units as well as added parking.  

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Reply Posted by Mick on Tuesday January 29 2013 at 13:19
The council should capitalise on the backlash against the National Lottery plans to double the ticket price to £2 in the Autumn. Set up a £1 Barnsley lottery with the same rules & prizes as the main lotto game now. Half of the money to be given back as prizes & half to the council as an investment fund.

Reply Posted by Anita Mann on Friday February 1 2013 at 10:03
God I SO hope this happens! Barnsley is so in need of a makeover...the general good is there, Saturdays are usually bustling and a nice shopping day but a clean and tidy shopping area would be fantastic~!

Reply Posted by Karen on Tuesday February 5 2013 at 15:18
In my opinion barnsley is in desperate need of renovation, we used to have a thriving shopping town, but now there's nothing. In my opinion the town would benefit from a designer outlet look, we all love a bargain and I know I like to travel to junction 32, yorks designer outlet, and when there it's always a bustling place to be and very busy. Is hard to sell barnsley to retailers when we have nothing here, no jobs, high unemployment and in fairness when walking round the town centre a problem with drugs and alcoholism, on three occasions since Christmas I have been confronted by drunks shouting obscenities at each other would you open a new store in that environment?

Reply Posted by Adam on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 09:06
All very well and good to redevelop.. But with no free parking apart from on a weekend and after 6?.. Are people still going to tempted to go to meadowhall which has free parking?

Reply Posted by Greenginger on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 13:41
So Barnsley was going to become a Tuscan Village but it didnt. The bus and train stations were supposed to be upgraded - hmmmmmm..... Moving on the markets were going to be improved but still waiting. Meanwhile, more pubs, more charity shops, more expensive parking to come.
Last lot of money spent by the council was on a garden next to the Town Hall that nobody wanted anyway.
Why do I think that this project is doomed. I know what lets build some more miners statues.......

Reply Posted by ada on Wednesday February 6 2013 at 19:38
wot a laod of crap this barnsley council cums out with,

Reply Posted by Don McCarron on Monday February 11 2013 at 10:01
Having had some experience of Barnsley Council and its self-regulated "expert" departments I have little faith in its abilities. Private sector bodies who need to deal with BMBC are regularly confounded by the lack of knowledge and intransigence of its personnel who seem much more interested in appearing to be indispensable than actually doing what's best for the town and its people.

The only way to revitalise Barnsley town centre would be to lower the outrageous rates BMBC charges businesses. Our dog can work that one out.

Reply Posted by guestymcguest on Monday February 11 2013 at 11:36
Hi don,

I'm afraid I have to agree, despite the paypackets many senior members of the council have little experience or acumen in the departments they manage, add to that a lack of dyanamic thinking or vision and its not surprise we're inheriting an appalling legacy following the labour boom years.

Nothing ever gets done, there are meetings consultations, plans companies set up to manage things - just no end product and this has been the case for most of the projects in recent years.

What can Barnsley Council say it has done better than other councils in the last 20 years? and also what can Barnsley council say that it has intoduced as a successful new idea that no other council has done in the last 20years?

Then ask why we are paying 100k+ for these people to run our council when they offer no forward thinking? Why do we pay so much and not get results?
how can so many get away with producing so little for so long? Get these clowns out.

Reply Posted by Greenginger on Monday February 11 2013 at 12:46
Guesty you are so right.

Just look at Doncaster where the Mayor is not a Labour toadie. It has become a lot smarter and cleaner with better facilities and new shopping areas in the last 10 years and has a great market. In the same time frame Barnsley has gone to the dogs.

We need the whole lot of so called leaders of the council plus the MPs to be ousted and to start again otherwise Barnsley is doomed.

Reply Posted by guesymcguest on Monday February 11 2013 at 15:18
greenginger Huddersfield to name another decent redevelopment, wakefield got their big shopping centre, we're about 10 -15 years behind other similar towns and cities in the area.

I don't care which party does th job as long as they do a good one, voter apathy is as much to blame that and the total negligence of our elected councillors.

Reply Posted by Adie on Tuesday February 12 2013 at 14:42
Has anyone at the council actually done any serious market research, asking shoppers and would be shoppers (i.e. within sensible traveling distance or in Barnsley itself but rarely go to the centre) what they like about the current facilities (inc shops, market, communal areas etc), what they go to out of town retail for, what they go to supermarkets for, what they buy online, would they change any of these shopping habits if they could get these produce in Barnsley, what influences their purchasing decisions for different consumer goods groups, and so on, or is it all just a finger in the air throw in the money and hope for the best?

Reply Posted by Jeff Greasley on Tuesday February 12 2013 at 14:51
Well bus trips used to come from all over to Barnsley Market on Wednesday and Saturday.Citys had special bus trips coming,Grimsby,Nottingham etc. All stopped,they go to Dewsbury . We need to knock down that concrete shite and build market stalls. Lots of young us could be offered incentives to give it a go.

Reply Posted by Mum2-3 on Tuesday February 12 2013 at 14:58
We have no choice but to go out of town. Where can you buy a decent pair of shoes (excluding clarks) although even then it's choices are limited leaving us little option but to travel further afield. What's the point in wasting £ in parking and diesel with the hope to get what I need by trawling the town or jump in my car, yes, spend a few more quid on fuel but know that I will find what I'm after in Meadowhall without dodging druggies and drunks, pigeons and rubbish! Oh and not forgetting the free parking!! Come on BMBC get a grip!! Overpaid set of tits!

Reply Posted by jean grainger on Wednesday February 13 2013 at 07:49
put barnsley back on the map by putting a barnsley market back to how it use to be gas nook market; fish market were markets to be proud of