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Charity Invites Locals To Sleep Rough For One Night

Friday September 30 2011

homeless homeless

AN event is being held later this year which invites Barnsley locals to sleep rough in the Metrodome car park to feel what it is like to be homeless.

The Big Sleepout - run by children's charity Safe@Last - is being held on October 28 to give adults and children an idea of what it is like to sleep rough.

A spokesman said: "One of the main aims of the event is to highlight what it is like for a child who has run away to sleep rough, therefore luxuries such as tents, camp beds are not permitted."

Safe@Last works across South Yorkshire, helping children and young people at risk of running away.

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Reply Posted by Shaunbywater on Wednesday September 7 2011 at 11:15
What a load of crap, in this day and age there shud b no 1 homeless

Reply Posted by Juliedudas on Wednesday September 7 2011 at 20:00
yes shaun but there is - that is the whole point of it needing highlighting - it is not only down n outs that are homeless either - hope you are happy under your own roof

Reply Posted by Mark on Thursday September 8 2011 at 09:30
Imagine being unwanted and thrown out...imagine having to brave the streets and all that goes with that, rather than being subjected to violence and abuse in your own home, by members of your own family...imagine being only 14 years old. 100,000 children under 16 years old run away for the first time in Britain each year for exactly these reasons. Thank goodness that in South Yorkshire we have www.safeatlast.org.uk