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Summer Lane Lorry Driver Praises Local People

Wednesday January 23 2013

Summer Lane Summer Lane

YESTERDAY a fully-loaded lorry became stuck in Summer Lane.

The driver, Gary Butler, said: ''I was there for an hour, and I cannot thank the numerous people who came to help enough.''

Judging by the response to the photo on Facebook, it's a story that lots of you have an opinion on, so We Are Barnsley felt it only necessary to pass on the driver's compliments to those who helped him.

''They were phenomenal - I take my hat off to them,'' Mr Butler added. ''The road was very greasy, and as I'm not local I wasn't aware of its camber. I do have to apologise to the barber shop though, as I was about six inches from his building!'' 

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Reply Posted by Richard Barraclough on Wednesday January 23 2013 at 11:24
BMBC should be taking responsibility here. Allow a factory / warehouse on a busy rd where their is a very low bridge most artics cannot get under. Has been hit many times. Truck driver has to turn truck around so to reverse into warehouse on right hand side. He can't see left hand side. Too tight and reversing blind. So making artics hold up busy rd trying to reverse up steep side roads. 44 tonnes doesn't reverse uphill on ice and snow. Factory should be relocated somewhere more suitable. I.e Dodworth, Carlton Stairfoot etc.

Reply Posted by lv on Wednesday January 23 2013 at 14:23
everything's BMBC's fault it seems... because they're the ones who told the company they HAD to be there! There's enough turning room within the warehouse premises for lorries to turn round, I don't see why they don't do that!

Reply Posted by Lauren on Wednesday January 23 2013 at 16:03
I used to see this happen all time when I lived on Farrar Street. Basically the lorries are trying to get to the industrial estate and their sat navs tells them to go via Town End roundabout and up summer lane. Consequently they see the bridge and have to do a u turn either on summer lane or try and negotiate the double parked cars around the side street. What would help is if a road sign was put up at Dodworth Road crossroads and the bottom of Summer Lane telling lorry drivers to go round Pogmoor Road!

Reply Posted by Tyke on Saturday January 26 2013 at 16:16
Lauren, what if the lorries are trying to get the business below the bridge! The ones which pay hefty business rates and employ plenty of people!