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Wind Turbine Application Refused

Thursday January 24 2013

A CUBLEY farm has had its request to build a 15 metre-high wind turbine turned down.

Lower Belle Clive Farm's proposal was turned down by Barnsley Council, because it was thought that the turbine would ''significantly harm the landscape in a prominent location, and would be visually intrusive''.

Are you glad Barnsley Council has stopped this? What are your thoughts on wind turbines in our rural areas? Have your say below.

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Reply Posted by bob stevens on Thursday January 24 2013 at 10:07
15 meters thats only as big as a house,cant see that being visually intrusive,it's not like the others up there.

Reply Posted by mark on Thursday January 24 2013 at 13:03
people that think wint turbines are ugly/intrusive should take a look around at the landscape we have built over the years 95% of the houses are ugly maybe more,concrete paths as far as the eye can see, black ugly tarmack roads..but some one who want's to put up a turbine has been rejected because of beauty to the ENVIROMENT!!!!

Reply Posted by Mick on Thursday January 24 2013 at 15:00
Turbines don't spoil the landscape, this is just snobbery. As long as they don't cause noise pollution to any nearby residents there is no problem. As foreign countries like china, india & brazil develop they need a bigger share of the world's coal, oil & gas, the prices that we already think are excessive are only going to increase in future. We need to change planning laws to massively expand wind, water & solar power creation.

Reply Posted by Kathryn on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 18:13
80% of the general public agree with wind energy and the green shift away from fossil fuels as a general theory, yet 80% of rejected wind developments are caused by public opposition with concerns over aesthetics. This NIMBY culture (Not In My Back Yard) will need to end sooner or later otherwise those same nimbys might find they can no longer heat the Jacuzzi or turn on the garden lights. Maybe they would prefer a nuclear power station in their back yard?

Reply Posted by littlesprout on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 18:37
Now then Kathryn, where is the evidence that 80% of the general public agree with wind energy and the shift away from fossil fuels?