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Gift Card Disappointment For Music Shoppers

Tuesday January 15 2013

DISAPPOINTED customers across Barnsley have today been told they will be unable to redeem gift vouchers at music retailer HMV.

The Barnsley branch of the nationwide chain - which today announced it had called in the administrators - was inundated with customers hoping to redeem gift cards bought for Christmas.

But shop staff - who have also been told their jobs were at risk - were told to tell customers that gift vouchers will not be honoured.

Stuart Sheard, a sales operative at Barnsley's HMV, said: ''Gift vouchers aren't available to use at the minute. If circumstances change, obviously this will be better for all concerned.''

The shop's windows are full of incentives to pull in the customers, with 25 per cent off numerous products.

But Rosie Westmoreland, 26, from Dodworth, said that's little comfort.

She added: ''I was bought a £20 gift card for Christmas, but it's now of no use as they're not accepting it. It's a shame to see HMV like this - I've used the shop for years.''

What does this mean to you? Have your say in the box below.

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Reply Posted by joanne on Tuesday January 15 2013 at 16:25
absolutley disgusting they have had the money for the girft voucher and now not honouring them if they do stay open then it should be boycoted once again
RIP OFF BRITAIN as if people are not already struggling without having vouchers that cannot be used must be against the law im sure

Reply Posted by jacky on Tuesday January 15 2013 at 16:31
a lot of people are taking it out on the staff , it's not their fault they have to do as they are told , if the shop is boycoted it will definitley go down the pan , high street shops need our support , stop ordering off the internet x

Reply Posted by Janie on Tuesday January 15 2013 at 16:41
Thats dispicable, they should have been honoured right up until close of business today, well it just goes to show you, dont trust gift cards, just use cash!

Reply Posted by Stevo on Tuesday January 15 2013 at 16:43
Gift vouchers are not cold hard cash and thats why the "adminstrators" will not let people use them.
The administrators are in place to get the most revenue possible for the "creditors" (people who HMV owe money to,banks,suppliers etc) and are only in it for their own gain.
I have seen the appontment of "administrators" before and believe me the fees they charge during the "administration" period are absolutely scandalous one senior director of administration can charge in excess of £500 an HOUR taking massive revenues from the companies that they "administer".
And guess who gets their money first?
Yup you guessed it the administrators and the employees of said company are on the lowest rung of the totem pole and will literally end up with pennies in the pound of what they are owed for redundancy payments,loss of notice etc,etc,etc.
I truly feel for the employees of HMV (and any others that have had the misfortune of having their company placed into administration) the staff at HMV Barnsley in particular are extremely good and it will be a sad day for the town and indeed the country if HMV does close.

Reply Posted by Kirst on Thursday January 17 2013 at 10:51
Very true, I worked for MFI and saw the final accounts and where all the money went.

Reply Posted by Don McCarron on Tuesday January 15 2013 at 16:59
They knew they were in trouble but continued to sell gift vouchers. Somebody should be brought to account for this.

Reply Posted by Don McCarron on Tuesday January 15 2013 at 17:04
Voucher holders should choose something they want, chuck the voucher over the counter with their name and address attached and wallk out. Let them try taking that to court.

Reply Posted by jimmy on Tuesday January 15 2013 at 17:24
Largest creditors first. Always the way, small businesses get screwed like this all the time.

Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday January 16 2013 at 14:52
..and now Blockbusters have gone bust too!

Reply Posted by Doreen on Thursday January 17 2013 at 15:56
you people are moaning about vouchers you paid for like 10 maybe 20 pound i lost a lot more when land of leather went bust i paid £1000 on a settee cash i got offered £500 voucher back on another what was in stock so i lost £500 in cash i was so mad and guttered they took my money when they new they was in trouble too i was dealing with administraters about my £500 i lost but still nothing back and that was 3-4yrs ago i know how you all feel losing money but its not like it's 100's like i lost !

Reply Posted by :-) on Thursday January 17 2013 at 16:55
If i had vouchers i dont care if it was £10-£30 id be taking something outta the store simple as! If they can take my cash and then refuse ppl there gift cards aha id be makin a scene in the shop i tell you no not alot off can afford to throw away £10-£30 what if they can replace that money thats why they though get gift cards so they dont spend it as its ment for a certain present or whatever its a joke!! Taking ppls cash and then sayin oh well thanks for ya money ya gave me for nothing!!

Reply Posted by Steve on Thursday January 17 2013 at 17:49

Check the article if you bought vouchers with a credit card especially if it was over £100 worth.