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Barnsley FC Announce Ticket Price Reduction

Wednesday January 16 2013

BARNSLEY FC has slashed ticket prices for the rest of the season, afer admitting it needed to do more to gain the support of fans.

The club released a statement last week ahead of the appointment of new manager David Flitcroft, saying it plans to become more involved in the community - an area which it feels has been lacking in the last few years.

Prices will now be £20 a game for members of the Oakwell 1887 scheme (which has a one-off £3 joining fee) or £23 for non-members.

Kids between five and 11 will be charged £5 and OAPs, Under 18s and students will pay £15 if they are in the Oakwell scheme, £16 if not.

A spokesman said: "The club have decided to reduce ticket prices to encourage more fans to get down to Oakwell for their important end to the season."

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Reply Posted by Mick on Wednesday January 16 2013 at 16:01
Is £20 cheap? I don't know, i've never been to a match in my life, seems a lot to me. How much does it cost to see the big premiership teams?

Reply Posted by lyndon on Wednesday January 16 2013 at 16:18
Its a start i suppose, but do away with the silly schemes no ones interested in have it £20 for everyone simple

Reply Posted by jim on Wednesday January 16 2013 at 16:21
20quid likely! £15 adults £7.50 kids then maybe id visit. That would till to £37.50 I think thats fair. I could take my child and teach him that u can be poor at something and still get on in life.

Reply Posted by brierleygaz on Thursday January 17 2013 at 21:16
I agree Jim..£20 still 2 expensive for me

Reply Posted by Helen Sellars on Wednesday January 16 2013 at 17:51
£16 for teenagers is hardly pocket money prices and still not going to encourage tomorrows fans to come to matches. BFC need to live in the real world!

Reply Posted by lyndon on Wednesday January 16 2013 at 18:20
Meant £20 for adults

Reply Posted by Tyke on Wednesday January 16 2013 at 20:22
You can never please people. The same people that want to get in for a tenner are generally the first to whinge when the club has no money to invest in the team !! Good players cost good money and need paying good wages.

Reply Posted by LV on Thursday January 17 2013 at 21:03
wonder what the average salary for a barnsley fc player is... hmm

Reply Posted by Eric Bailey on Friday January 18 2013 at 07:43
It is still too much for someone on a pension, and children also. To balance things out, the players wages should be paid as such. WIN Full wage, Draw half a wage. LOSE no wage. That will make them play to their full potential. Then gate money can be adjusted to suit.

Reply Posted by lyndon on Friday January 18 2013 at 14:57
What complete nonsense

Reply Posted by lauren on Tuesday January 29 2013 at 23:46
Shouldnt be an age limit as my husband would go more if he could take are son who is 4.

Reply Posted by scott m on Friday February 1 2013 at 10:34
Might seem like you cant please most people but just look at how hard the times are now. Drop the prices now there wont be any catagory A matches seems cheap to me. You want to fill seats get some realistic prices up. £15 adults, £7.50/£10 OAPs and students, £7.50 for kids. We have only just started to see some good results, keep it up and get the stadium filled and you will see a jump in profit. At least Flitcroft is bringing in some proven talent unlike Hill, I think we could stay up this season with more reults like we had against Millwall/Hull/Leeds and Burnley.

Reply Posted by Stephen Thickett on Friday February 1 2013 at 11:18
In response to Mick below is a sample of Premiership admittance prices.


Average attendance 41,498 (+0.17% on 2010-11)
Adult season ticket prices £595-£1,250 (frozen)
Adult matchday prices £36‑£82 (members, frozen), £41-£87 (non-members, frozen)


Average attendance 44,253 (+3.35% on 2010-11)
Adult season ticket prices £725-£780 (frozen)
Adult matchday prices £39‑£48 (frozen)

Manchester United

Average attendance 75,387 (+0.37% on 2010-11)
Adult season ticket prices £532-£950 (frozen)
Adult matchday prices Members £30-£52 (up 5%); non‑members £35-£57 (up 4.4%)


Average attendance 19,219 (-6.66% on 2010-11)
Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £375-£425 before 27 April (frozen), £525-£595 from 15 May (up 33%)
Adult matchday prices £32-£45 (up between 39% and 74%)

Most expensive season ticket for 2012-13 is Arsenal at £985-£1955
Cheapest season ticket is at Wigan at £255-£350
The newly promoted teams have hiked their prices up the most, with West Ham increasing by 16.6% and reading by 33%
Big guns Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool’s season tickets are all frozen in price.
Premier League champions Manchester City have increased their season ticket prices by 9%
The most expensive matchday ticket of the information given is at Chelsea, with a top ticket costing £87 !!!

I know we're not in the same league, but at least we can watch four games at Oakwell, for the price of one at Chelsea in their posh seats !!

Reply Posted by Dj Shabba on Friday February 1 2013 at 22:34
Do u know people out there make me sick u were complaining when it was 2 dear now we have droped the price u r still complaining how can we get good players without money instead why don't u just go to a match now flicker is in charge I think u will have a surprise those lads r playing there balls off and we r not goin down not the way our lads r playing now what's it cost to go round tarn to piss it up against a wall Barnsley fc born and bred

Reply Posted by joe kristek on Sunday April 28 2013 at 10:31
If flickers doesnt get managers job it shows rowings negative thinking again will not get a better one he's already wiping off money we got for stones and cup receipts if tarn get relegated then it will be same old story no money to strenghen team if flicks dont get job me and a lot of others wont be going for anothers

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