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£1m Boost Announced For The Dearne

Wednesday January 9 2013

A BARNSLEY MP has welcomed news that the Dearne is to get a £1 million boost to spend on improvements in the next decade.

John Healey says the cash pot - from the lottery's Big Local programme - will be spent in Bolton-on-Dearne, Thurnscoe and Goldthorpe.

He said: “I am pleased local people will have the power to decide how it is spent and I would encourage people to come forward, have their say and be part of improving their community.

“People round here are keen to see their area improve but aren’t usually given the chance or the tools to make it happen.”

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Reply Posted by grrenginger on Sunday January 13 2013 at 19:19
Well it probably wont even cover the european money that was supposed to be spent on a new school and housing in Goldthorpe but then was withdrawn. I dare say people in the Dearne will see little for it. Most of it will get spent on pointless projects and flower planters or statues.

Reply Posted by sarah on Sunday January 13 2013 at 19:47
we get loads of crazy paving greenginger it must cost an absolute fortune for someone to come and look at a path and say this street needs crazy paving it will solve all the problems the village has

Reply Posted by greenginger on Monday January 14 2013 at 14:36
I wouldnt care but its hideous as well and uneven and will cause more falls for the elderly.
The village needs more than paving as you say. It does not help that half the businesses in the village cant be bothered to open up most days. Going back to a ghost town.

Reply Posted by me on Friday January 18 2013 at 10:09
should go on tenants repairs--instead of them having to do certain repairs themselves--this is why folk pay rents to them and they want extra room rents--they are like private landlords now-dont give a shit aslong as they get their rents---but yet they do up houses thats private that should be the landlords job---council should build houses as theres lots cant afford to live never mind pay for all extras---

Reply Posted by Peter Finnegan on Thursday March 21 2013 at 07:38
Who do you think they are kidding a mllion pound for Bolton Golthorpe and Highate over ten years after consultation fee set up fee who get what over 36.500 days ( PROGAM 10 YEAR ) taking into acount the popuation of over 30,000 over the three villages and these three villages have been spending over £60 000 a week on lottery ticket that over 3 million a year. Monnies that should gone on thier kid edcation it make you wonder who give what away .YES we had very little out of the natioal lottery fund it a disgrace to say the least Y It lest than a penny a day each big deal I be there for my share . Pete THANK YOU

Reply Posted by Finnegan again on Thursday March 21 2013 at 08:03
Thank you 4 the £1 million boost to spend on improvements in the Village.
or Villages how many Villages is it one two three or four cause I was told it was Bolton upon Dearne , Now I am told its Bolton upon Dearne and Goldthorpe, Now I am told it is Bolton upon Dearne, Goldthorpe and Highgate. Now I am told it is Bolton upon Dearne, Goldthorpe, Highgate and
Thronscoe . HOW GETING WHAT.+ 2Ys, UR ,2Ys, UB, ICUR, 2Ys,. 4 Me

Reply Posted by FINNEGAN AGAIN on Thursday March 21 2013 at 08:09
Hi Don`t Be a shamed put your name or share the blame and play the game ..

ipso Regulated