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Group Aims To Tackle Tooth Decay

Tuesday September 27 2011

brushing teeth dentist brushing teeth dentist

A NEW team has been set up in Grimethope to help tackle the poor dental hygiene of children in Barnsley.

Oral health improvement workers have been drafted in as part of a pilot scheme aimed at improving dental care in those under five - it comes after statistics show 58 per cent of five-year-olds have dental decay, compared to a national average of 40 per cent.

Experts claim part of the problem is that there isn't many children who go to see a dentist in Barnsley and that teeth are more at risk here as there is no flouride in Barnsley's drinking water.

Spokesman Jillian O‘Brien said: "Our team is on hand to make people aware of the importance of keeping their teeth clean. It is vital that we work in partnership with local groups such as school and community health visitors to ensure they can reinforce the message to children and their families."

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Reply Posted by Conisbrough on Thursday September 29 2011 at 08:48
There was no fluoride in drinking water when I was growing up and I had and still have good teeth. I was born and raised in Cudworth, not too far from Grimethorpe. The difference was I had parents who could be bothered to ensure I cleaned my teeth and took me to the dentist. Probably if parents could be at*ed then we would not need these tax payer funded oral health teams.

Reply Posted by Myractcoogan on Thursday September 29 2011 at 09:30
It is simple parental neglect,I have brought six children up ,four of them in Grimethorpe ,and two in Shafton ,none of them have any dental problems.It is good that we dont have flouride in our drinking water.Flouride is a poison, people all over the world are campaigning to have it removed from their water.We should think ourselfs very lucky not to have it .

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