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Council Announces Enforcement Rule Change

Friday December 21 2012

CHANGES will be made to the council's enforcement structure which will see complaints like littering and dog fouling dealt with by a central team.

The changes will come into effect in April and are expected to save the authority £100,0000.

It will mean that the council's front-line enforcement officers will be given training to deal with everything from dog fouling, littering, and fly-tipping to car parking.

The new unit will also look at planning enforcement, housing enforcement and antisocial behaviour - rather than them being dealt with by different departments.

A council spokesman said: "The creation of the new unit will benefit the borough and its residents by delivering a coordinated and consistent approach to enforcement across the borough, removing duplication as well as an increase in the productivity of frontline enforcement officers by ensuring they are able to use a range of enforcement powers.”

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Reply Posted by Rob Sykes on Friday December 28 2012 at 13:18
And I've just seen a pig fly over the Town Hall! ... They could'nt sort this problem while ever they have a hole in their arses! ... Tell them I'll run the team and Barnsley will be shit free in 12 months!

Reply Posted by syl on Sunday December 30 2012 at 20:21
they shud have someone round wingfield road , athersley south
people just let their dogs out onto the green and leave them to do their muck
then take them back in again,