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Barnsley Man Sentenced For Murder

Wednesday December 12 2012

Martin Fieldhouse - CONVICTED Martin Fieldhouse - CONVICTED

A BARNSLEY man has been sentenced to life in prison after shooting a man in the head in what police describe as a 'cold blooded execution.'

Lee Gray, 31, was asleep in bed with his partner and three year old son when Martin Fieldhouse entered the Worsborough home and shot him.

Fieldhouse, 29, from Athersley South appeared at Sheffield Crown Court today after being found guilty of the murder.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 30-years.

Detective Inspector Kevin Brown said: “Martin Fieldhouse cold-bloodedly executed Lee Gray while he slept in his bed with his partner and three-year-old son.

“Throughout the last 18 months Fieldhouse has shown no regret. In fact, he’s concocted conspiracy theories that the majority of the witnesses had lied to get him into trouble.

"Thankfully the jury at Sheffield Crown Court saw through these lies and found him guilty today.”

Jane Gray, Lee’s mum, said: “The trial has taken over our lives since Lee was killed nearly two years ago. Our lives have been put on hold. Not only does Lee leave behind four children, there is a void left in the hearts of all his family and close friends.

"Lee was a popular loving dad and put a smile on everyone’s face. These are the memories we will cherish.”

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Reply Posted by Ryan on Wednesday December 12 2012 at 17:49
I think he is sick shooting some1 even still with his son in his house

Reply Posted by Aaron on Wednesday December 12 2012 at 18:32
thats bad as f**k think he sould have way longer than 30 years

Reply Posted by jayne on Wednesday December 12 2012 at 18:58
life should mean life not 30 years should die behind bars

Reply Posted by Gary on Wednesday December 12 2012 at 19:11
Bring bk hanging this country is far too soft

Reply Posted by bag puss on Wednesday December 12 2012 at 19:55
The shud let the fam shoot him it pathetic whats 30 yrs on what is like a holaday now get him on front line in afgan where all scum shud b nt the 1ns that r there

Reply Posted by Anon on Wednesday December 12 2012 at 20:56
Scum of the earth.

Reply Posted by c on Thursday December 13 2012 at 09:12
What a absolute tosser, seems like someone should do it to him. Your very lucky "Unknown" This bloke defiantly has mental problems!!

Reply Posted by Adele Ward on Thursday December 13 2012 at 11:09
justice finally done lee.. no where near enuff like should be a life for a life. r.i.p mate. ur sadly missed by everyone :-( xxx

Reply Posted by chris on Thursday December 13 2012 at 11:16
I think they should bring hanging back..I know hes got 30yrs but it will cost government billions to keep the low life..not only does he get a bed but hes gets fed n looked afta alot better than sum on the outside Hang him and all the otha murderers they don't deserve anything... my heart and thoughts go to his parents and his partner and lovely children xx

Reply Posted by Carl on Thursday December 13 2012 at 11:20
Murder is always a disgusting crime, but to shoot a man while he's sleeping; beside his 3-year-old child is heartbreaking. That boy will grow up knowing that he was sleeping beside his daddy when he died, and it will tear him apart.
He didn't just end 1 life, he may as well have taken 2.
30 years is not enough.

Reply Posted by Liam on Thursday December 13 2012 at 11:21
I was friends with Lee's Daughter, its awful what they he did to him and Lee shall never be forgotten R.I.P

Reply Posted by Unknown on Thursday December 13 2012 at 11:27
Shame they didn't get the right killer then isn't it !!! But least someone is paying for it !!

Reply Posted by mick on Thursday December 13 2012 at 11:29
Life for a life if found guilty

Reply Posted by anon on Thursday December 13 2012 at 11:29
30 years is no way long enough life should mean life failing that bring back the death penelty will save the country thousands of pounds and free up space in the jails for petty offenders my sincere condolances to this mans family when will these terrible crimes end :(

Reply Posted by michelle on Thursday December 13 2012 at 12:35
get him to afgan looks like he's thinks he's good with guns see how long he last's prison is way too good for him it's like a holiday camp for him i think all lifers should be out there and not our young ones that have barely started out in life and losing there life's for our country while scum like that sit in holiday camp prisons waited on no bills hot meals tv ,games the lot its pathetic

Reply Posted by unknown on Thursday December 13 2012 at 19:14
end of the day it as got tobe him that did it or he wouldnt have been convicted evidence wise ect... the poor little child layed at the side of his dady, my heart goes out to all family n ecpecially his little boy. i just hope this doent ruin the childs life!!!

Reply Posted by Teresa on Thursday December 13 2012 at 19:40
They did get the right killer !!!

Reply Posted by debbie on Thursday December 13 2012 at 22:09
carnt believe wats happened there is too many sick people out there you are missed so much lee love aunty deb xxx

Reply Posted by x on Friday December 14 2012 at 14:10
at end of day martin did it n thank goodness it was mick but lee sadly got i feel so sorry my heart goes out to the family who my partner n i know he deserves death a life for a life but he wont be gettin away with it x

Reply Posted by D on Saturday December 15 2012 at 12:49
Get a dictionary!

Reply Posted by John Collier on Thursday December 20 2012 at 23:07
There are no winners here only losers