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Score Of Police Swoop On Scrap Yards

Thursday December 6 2012

Police Car Lights Police Car Lights

ALMOST 40 police officers swooped on Barnsley as part of a crackdown on metal theft.

Six yards were visited by 37 officers, four staff from HMRC and Network Rail and BT Open Reach on Monday.

A spokesman said: "Calor gas bottles, beer kegs
and cabling was found - all was checked with
relevant agencies and found to be in order.

"Further  investigations are ongoing in relation to
a quantity of copper piping which was in a skip in a yard but was unaccountable."

Meanwhile, 34 officers took to the roads as part of a motoring operation. 32 cars were stopped and checked - one tested positive for red diesel and
one driver was report regarding driving hours.

Superintendent Tim Innes said: “Metal theft operations involve local communities, businesses and partners as well as assistance from legitimate scrap metal dealers.

"The whole community can be affected by the consequences of metal theft, so it is important that we all pull together to tackle it."

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Reply Posted by Arristotal on Saturday December 8 2012 at 12:11
Toooo right. Might stop the neighbors nicking every bit of metal I have.