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Goldthorpe Litterer In 'Idiot' Confession

Wednesday November 28 2012

A GOLDTHORPE man who was caught littering twice in two months said he was an idiot when he appeared at Barnsley Magistrates Court.

Peter Dawson, 31, of Wellington Street, Goldthorpe, dropped a drinks can on the ground, stamped on it, and kicked it down a drain on Victoria Street, Goldthorpe back in June.

Council officers who were patrolling the area following littering complaints from residents nearby witnessed this and gave him a £75 fine, which he agreed to pay in installments.

But, just one month later, he was spotted by the same council officers littering again by discarding a sweet wrapper.

He appeared before the courts on November 22, plead guilty and was fined £200. He was also ordered by the court to pay council costs of £150, and a victim surcharge of £15 - a total of £365.

In sentencing the Magistrates said they were totally bemused as to why Mr Dawson would litter, get caught, and then litter again.

Mr Dawson replied: “I’m an idiot.”

Coun Roy Miller added: “Litter is a highly visible blight on our local environment, and the council has to deal with hundreds of complaints every year about it. Litter can deter investment, and it makes our town look run down and uncared for.

"It also costs the council tax payers of Barnsley a fortune to clear off our streets every year.

“I would hope that a £75 fine would be enough for anyone to learn that littering is wrong and they shouldn’t do it again, but not in this case.”

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Reply Posted by me on Wednesday November 28 2012 at 15:04
they want to walk round the backs of the houses in goldthorpe, especially around beever/co- oprative/ victoria rd its discusting, people just dump there rubbish in back gardens! there are rats and needles its vile!!!!

Reply Posted by ann on Wednesday November 28 2012 at 20:55
they want to look over bridge on straight lane and high street ...and catch who is dumping litter there !!!

Reply Posted by greenginger on Thursday November 29 2012 at 12:02
You are both right guys there are some manky parts of Goldthorpe at the moment. It is shocking on the old Railway banking. Also all the rental areas such as Cooperative Street. It is just a sad fact that the same people who leave the mess are usually the ones who contribute the least to the decent and good things of society.

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