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Parents Call For School Time Change

Wednesday November 21 2012

FINISHING times at a local school should be staggered amid fears for students safety, councillors claim.

Locals say Holy Trinity ALC - on Carlton Road - should alter its leaving times as all 1,100 pupils exit at the same time, causing chaos.

Councillors Jenny Platts, David Leech and Sarah-Jane Tattersall said a staggered finishing time would alleviate parking problems.

"To call the situation 'chaos' at the moment is the right word to use," said the councillors in a joint statement.

"There will be some remedial work done by the council's highways department with the painting of yellow lines on the junction, and knee rail fencing on the green on the Carlton Road side, but this will not cure inconsiderate parking which is putting pupils and the public at risk."

The councillors said they had a site meeting on October 26 with officers from highways, the Safer Neighbourhood Team and the business manager from the school.

"We asked at this meeting whether there was a possibility that the primary children could have staggered time, even if it was only ten minutes' difference, because it may alleviate some of the parking problems."

Headteacher Simon Barber said consultation letters about staggering the finishing time for primary pupils were sent out to parents before half term and opinion from responses received so far are split 50/50.

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Reply Posted by boston on Wednesday November 21 2012 at 18:50
I have a 4 year old an 11 year old and a 13 year old all there , even if it was staggered i would still leave at the same time! and what makes it a joke is the adults who walk up the road with there kids . if the grow ups cant follow the rules then what hope have we with the kids !!!!!!!!!

Reply Posted by karen on Wednesday November 21 2012 at 19:17
Hi. ..Has a parent who drives to school n takes n collects my 2 children it is busy and very frustrating...i feel that mr barber is in a no win situation as he wont be able to please all parents...or ppl who collect kids i feel hes bamed if he does alter finish time and damed if he doesnt...if the vote is split then what now...and cant help but ask will it realy ease conjestion or make a bad issue worse by having cars parked longer! I feel something has to be done but dont know what!!!! But can say when asking my children if they want to finish early they said they would like to stay linger!!! If only!!

Reply Posted by andy on Wednesday November 21 2012 at 21:30
I dont think that the staggered times will make any difference when council or the highways or the police will not do anything about the situation of the lorries that use carlton road as a shortcut , it has supposed to have a 7.5 tonne limit on the road and also a 20 mile an hour speed restriction but none of the people listed above will do anything about it and it is getting worse i have lived on carlton road for 10 years and it has allways been an issue and i am getting really fed up of it , come on barnsley council get your act together

Reply Posted by jo on Thursday November 22 2012 at 00:26
if they staggered the times like it used to be ie st doms came out at 1510 and st micks cane out at 1530 it would be a lot better.
there wasnt much of a problem.
also if the lolly pop lady would stop waiting for people who are 100 yrd away from her the traffic situation would be a lot better
there is also a drop off and pick up area but some parents drop off get out of there cars and take kids to class thats not what its for but the lazyness of some parents is unbelevable

Reply Posted by Kirst on Thursday November 22 2012 at 10:49
Some parents would still have to park up to drop off and pick up primary and secondary kids so staggered times wouldn't help them also I have a friend that thought it was a great idea all starting and finishing at the same time as her 14 year old could walk to and from school with their younger siblings. I do agree with Jo that the crossing patrol is a little keen to say the least waiting for pedestrians to get to the crossing, perhaps if she allowed the school buses in and out and keeping an eye on the traffic situation would help a little as the traffic backs up down the drive and around the 'drop off' zone. Im sure that Mr Barber will be looking at all posibilities but in the meantime if parents and the crossing patrol used some common sense some of the chaos could be alleviated.

Reply Posted by Nicky on Thursday November 22 2012 at 19:03
I dropped my 2 grand kids off at school yesterday morning and was astounded at how organised it was ( may have dropped on a good time ). Then leaving the area was met by the biggest lorry trying to get into the old school entrance causing mayhem on main road. What is the project manager thinking about allowing wagons to come on site at 08:50?!!!

Reply Posted by Bob on Thursday November 22 2012 at 19:57
This was in last weeks chronicle and seems to be part of an ongoing argument. It was also mentioned that only about 50 responses had been handed in 50/50 25 for staggered times 25 against the rest it seems couldn't care less.

It also stated that the to help with parking issues the bowling alley has now been made available for people to park in... This has been available from day one!

Personally I think the school is doing all it can to help the situation but like this says nothing will cure inconsiderate parking that is putting pupils and the public at risk. If people want to ease the 'chaos' They should all stop trying to park on the door step!

Reply Posted by sb on Thursday November 22 2012 at 20:00
We have been having this conversation about the drop off zone jo since it was opened but we have been told in no uncertain circumstances to butt out its got nothing to do with anybody where anybody parks and if we dont like it tough!!! I cant wait till they can park in the classrooms not be long now before they can do that.

Reply Posted by Bob on Thursday November 22 2012 at 20:34
This is the problem sb most people think they have a right to park in the classrooms! There is plenty of road/side street/bowling ally parking but nobody wants to park 2 mins up the road and walk the rest of the way. Who is causing this 'chaos'?

Reply Posted by sb on Thursday November 22 2012 at 20:46
Its simple us parents that drive i dont have the option for my kids to walk to school we live too far away and no school bus its common sense thats lacking with alot of people and no matter what school does or how much outside help we get that common sense has left the building and aint coming back!Il be the first to admit if i set off late i do use the drop off point it was provided by school to rid the area of us banging our doors waking residents up first thing and used properly would work but like we say some want to walk their kids to their seats causing hassle for us who use it properly

Reply Posted by davina on Sunday November 25 2012 at 15:23
hahahahaha its a laugh lol i think that the secondary phase should start at 9 and finish at 3:30 like every other secondary school in this world