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Should There Be A Review On Beer Tax? A WAB Debate!

Monday November 19 2012

A BARNSLEY MP is backing calls for a review on beer tax in a bid to help out local pubs.

Dan Jarvis, MP, says he's been contacted by locals about their worries on the issue - especially since an increase in VAT added 5p to the cost of a pint in a pub but only 2p to a can in a supermarket.

He said: "Pubs and many other businesses are struggling at the moment.

"Breweries and publicans have been feeling the squeeze, as supermarkets continue to promote offers on alcohol. This makes it even harder for pubs to compete and that has a knock on effect to our communities, where the very existence of the local pub is in increasing danger.”

The MP is calling for an emergency cut in VAT back to 17.5 per cent.

James Taylor, proprietor of the Two Roses Brewery in Darton, said beer taxes now cost the average pub about £66,000-a-year.

He added: “This issue is critical to my business and to the beer and pub industry. Since the introduction of the beer duty escalator, excise duty has increased by 42 per cent, or nearly 20p per pint.

“If the local pub is to survive, we need to take this action now.”

What do you think? Should beer tax be reviewed? Should all tax be reviewed? Have your say by commenting in the box below.

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Reply Posted by Craig savage on Monday November 19 2012 at 20:17
Yes get it done now , I have two pubs and its bad now at least a pub is a controlled place to drink not like supermarkets and shops who don't care we do save the pubs

Reply Posted by Craig on Friday November 23 2012 at 11:46
beer tax should be reviewed but only in the sense to make it even and cheaper in pubs. prices are ridiculous and it's stops people visiting them. The breweries should look at themselves and sort their prices out as it stops landlords taking pubs in the first place. Some people do not visit pubs though so it is also not fair on them to be penalised with high supermarket prices.

Reply Posted by Paul on Friday November 23 2012 at 13:26
Can't understand the VAT argument of 5p and 2p. It's a percentage, so it means the pub base price must be dearer anyway.
Also, how can I buy a pint in one pub @ £1.79 and move to another pub to pay £3.60. My comparison is a chain (cheapest) against an out of town pub and there is the bulk purchasing element to take into account., but surely not DOUBLE the price.
I know little of the pub industry from the other side of the bar, so it would be appreciated if someone could explain how prices can vary so much.

Reply Posted by bryn williams on Sunday November 25 2012 at 22:12
make mps pay a realistic price for drinks in the house of commons? get the tax back that way?

Reply Posted by c on Sunday November 25 2012 at 23:26
Its like going to a fish a & restaurant " is you pint a drink in or takeaway"

Reply Posted by Eric Bailey on Tuesday November 27 2012 at 15:47
What it needs in Barnsley is only allow two night clubs, or maybe one, then local pubs would still exist, it is the authorities who are closing them down. It would also cut the troubles in the Town, weekend evenings in Barnsley are a no go area for many people.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday March 5 2013 at 09:57
The so called Labour Party introduced the Beer escalator which increased prices annualy by 2% above the rate of inflation. They did it to save our health whilst drinking to it themselves in the House of Commons subsidised bars. This country will only be fairly run again when someone completes what Guy Fawkes tried to do many years ago.???

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