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Barnsley Device Worth £1.2 Million

Friday November 23 2012

Colin Ibbotson demonstrating Plant Nappy. Colin Ibbotson demonstrating Plant Nappy.

A DEVICE to stop pollution which was designed on a Barnsley man's kitchen table is now worth over £1.2 million a year. 

Collin Ibbotson, of Manvers Engineering at Grimethorpe, created the Plant Nappy (a drip tray for generators that stops pollutants getting into water courses.)

The prototype was sewn together in a kitchen in Hemingfield back in 2005 by his wife and the company has gone on to global success.

Colin said: “I cobbled some materials together and my wife Carol sewed it up over the weekend on the kitchen table. And now Plant Nappy is becoming generic for drip tray, just as Hoover is for vacuum cleaner.”

The customer base includes global construction companies, housebuilders and even a prestige sports car manufacturer.

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Reply Posted by Tom on Saturday November 24 2012 at 20:07
Great stuff! It's people like this that make the world a better place, create jobs and advance manufacturing and science. Much respect to Mr Ibbotson. Perhaps it would be an idea to pay him to speak to some schoolchildren and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, inventors, etc. and more importantly, to show them that good things can be done and that there is reward for doing so!