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Barnsley Woman Encourages Coaches To Come Forward

Tuesday November 20 2012

Sandra Naylor Sandra Naylor

A BARNSLEY woman has appealed for more people to come forward to learn how to coach children's sport clubs.

Sandra Naylor, 66, from Monk Bretton, works with youngsters at Barnsley Athletics Club (AC) but said interest in her sessions - which feature high jump, long jump and javelin - has exploded with up to 55 youngsters in each class.

Sandra – who first got into coaching at 33 when her sons Garry and Stephen attended Barnsley AC – holds athletics sessions twice a week at Cudworth’s Dorothy Hyman Stadium.

She said: “When I first started out in athletics, it was just a case of me helping out the other coaches. They really encouraged me and, when they left, I took over the squad and sat my exams to be able to carry on teaching the children.

“I just love being with the young athletes, encouraging them and seeing them progress. If they achieve their personal best, I know I’ve pushed them to their limit. I love the satisfaction I get from teaching.”

Sandra is now encouraging other parents to get involved with coaching.

For more information about becoming a coach, visit www.coachingsysport.co.uk.

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Reply Posted by Wendy on Tuesday November 20 2012 at 10:54
The dedicated people who coach children and youths in Darfield must feel so fed up - all our playing fields get left to rot, then when no-one can stand the sight of them they get built on !!!!

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