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Thieves Strike At Charity Shop

Thursday November 15 2012

A WOMAN was given a police caution after being caught stealing from a local charity shop.

The woman, 23, was arrested and cautioned after she was caught stealing from Barnsley Hospice's Penistone branch.

Spokesman Dawn Charlesworth said: "We were lucky we had a very experienced shop manager who has spent all her life in retail and knew what to do.

"We rely on donated stock so it's a big issue for us.”

Shop manager Debbie Roberts was alerted to the incident by customers and went out onto the street where she flagged down a passing police car from Penistone station.

Police are believed to have blocked in a car to stop it leaving the scene and searched it.

"All you're doing is stealing from your friends, your family and the community,” added Dawn. "We're here for poorly Barnsley people.

”We're so dependent on the public and the support we get from them.

"It's a sign of the times unfortunately - thefts rise during a recession."

The hospice provides free care for patients in all areas of Barnsley and supports patients' families and those close to them.

It costs £9,178 a day to run the whole hospice and £2m is needed this year to keep it open.

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Reply Posted by melv on Thursday November 15 2012 at 16:51
they should be made to work in the shop for twelve months and made to wear a bib saying why they are working there,maybe then they would think twice before doing it again

Reply Posted by s on Friday November 16 2012 at 15:49
Agreed. That's exactly the kind of community "payback" service we need. Although perhaps the thief would need watching every second of the day.

Reply Posted by kathy on Thursday November 15 2012 at 16:59
Absolutely disgusting! Taking off sick people she should be locked up in solitary confinement n made to live on bread and water for a year. Think twice about stealing again

Reply Posted by Lyndsey on Thursday November 15 2012 at 17:50
I agree with with melv! People don't learn from being locked up - you only learn from mistakes if you're embarrassed by the punishment!! people should be made to feel ashamed rather than shutting them away from public view.

Reply Posted by tony heath on Thursday November 15 2012 at 18:15
wow get a slap on hand agane thats no gud

Reply Posted by Rothschild on Thursday November 15 2012 at 19:08
Haha! And the humane crowd come out of their holes to comment again! 12 months solitary confinement, living on bread and water!?!? :o) How about we question why she felt the need to steal from a Charity Shop? Ok, stealing is bad behaviour and is wrong to some extent, depending on the circumstances, but i would have to say for someone to steal from a charity shop they must be in dire circumstances indeed. Also, this kind of crime is driven by economics, as was quite rightly stated at the end of the article. I'd like to bet that this girl doesn't have much money, perhaps just enough to live on, and has very very poor employment prospects and an upbringing devoid of positive role models able to teach why this kind of thing is wrong. I would bet everything i have that this is the case. I would also bet that there are drug or alcohol related issues here, or just absolute poverty, by modern standards. These are all issues beyond the control of the prison services and only loosely considered by the legal system. I'm not saying that what this person did was right, but i am saying that there are reasons for this type of behaviour and the causal factors are unaltered by a lengthy solitary prison term. In fact, this person when they finished their last course of bread and water and gets back out into the community will be in a worse state than before they went in, with fewer options and a greater sense of social exclusion. She'll also be starving hungry and no doubt walk into the next shop she see's and rob a sausage roll! :o) We should take every opportunity to further our humanity, and locking people up and punishing them in this way is the absolute opposite of hunane behaviour. Learning about why this happens and preventing the situation occurring again by solving these issues is the way to go, a longer road, sure, but the only one with a happy ending. Peace :o)

Reply Posted by jill on Friday November 16 2012 at 18:42
i work in a charity shop and people are always trying to steal from us they seem to think that because all our stock is donated then its okay to steal it as it hasnt cost us anything its a joke and they should be ashamed of themselves. my volunteers don,t work all the hours they do for free making sure our shop is fully stocked with good quality items and presented well for people to pinch it.

Reply Posted by humanity calling on Friday November 16 2012 at 18:56
The truth of the matter is we all have problems what with money/ debt / life in general/drugs/ alcohol but most of us don't steal . I have worked in retail and with the police so i can say that its not always the alcoholic or the addicted that steal your everyday housewife will steal if that's what they want to do and even pay for most of there shopping but steal £30 worth, when asked they have no reason why they have done it . Yes people will steal to aide there addiction there's no doubting that . The punishment that's given out these days is far too soft for the re'offender but locking them up isent always the best way ether .

Reply Posted by Rothschild on Monday November 19 2012 at 13:31
A nice, but fairly narrow view of the matter. True, some people are habitual thieves and the crime having little or no reason connecting to poverty or to the need to fund addiction. But, these are in the overwhelmingly massive minority to crimes, thefts in particular, that DO relate to the 2 reasons i state. Locking people up who steal for these reasons is a complete and utter waste of time and money in long run. Ok, this person might be off the streets for a little while, but they will be back. And as i've already said, when they return invariably their situation is worse than it was before leaving them with few tangible options to them, but to steal again. Dealing with this sort of crime in this way is not at all cost efficient, and is more a way to hide the problem than to deal with it. All the research shows that more equal societies see much, much less crime including thefts/robberies/burglares etc. If you want to live in a society that is working towards being civilised and trynig to minimise crime then striving to reduce the income gap between the rich and the poor is the ONLY way to do it. Educating people to this effect is our job, if we really are concerned with this as an issue in society. The problem is the money supply, and where it comes from and i would suggest everyone educates themselves to this effect as well as it is of paramount importance in understanding the effect that economics and inequality effect society. Once you have done that (It took me 4 years) you will then understand where i'm coming from. If not, you can continue to talk about harsher more servere punishments, longer jail terms acting as a deterrent and all the rest of the points above. None of these are proven to act effectively towards the goal of minimising crime, while the root cause is still there. The death penalty is the most severe form of punishment available in any society, but in these societies these crimes still happen, and in some cases much more often than we are witness to in this country. These countries are less equal than our society in respect of individual personal wealth, guaranteed. There is some correllation between the death penalty and the crime rate powering slightly, but only temporarily, and only immediately after an execution is carried out. The rate steadily rises again further down the line, until the next execution when you see the same drop, and a net increase afterwords. I could talk about this all day, but the unfortunate matter is that some people cannot see the writing on the wall and are hell bent on revenge and treating these people as second class, and do not put the pieces together enough to see this is a self perpetuating problem, while people think in this way. I can only try to wake some of you up! The rest of you will continue to bay for blood and revenge! Peace :o)

Reply Posted by p on Friday November 16 2012 at 19:09
Yes we know economy is rock bottom within the UK, and the government is hitting hard at the majority buy reducing benefits. I came into this country 2 years ago after living in Germany for 4 years, yes I am a British citizen and am a British army veteran. I came back into the UK with absolute nothing and I mean nothing but after 1 month got myself a Job at Ventura call center and started to earn some money. I now own my own E bay business and supporting my wife and family. I also had to use my overdraft and credit card, but would never ever dream of robbing of a charity shop. Yes people would do anything to survive however robbing a charity shop is just beneath civilization.

Reply Posted by Rothschild on Sunday November 18 2012 at 18:27
Commendable. But what really is beneath civilisation, is a system where 1-5% of the global population have access to anything and everything they want, and without a care in the world this causes 40%> of the global population to be without even life's basic fundamental needs. Whether or not you like it, accept it, or understand it, this is why this girl stole from a charity shop. Inequality is the real crime here, as usual. You can thank your bank for that. Peace.

Reply Posted by Sue on Sunday November 18 2012 at 14:49
the hospice runs on donations and is for everybody in the area , so it's stealing from yourself really. hope it raises enough to still be going when me or somebody i love needs it.

Reply Posted by Luke on Sunday November 18 2012 at 17:34
I never thought anyone would do this, however upon reading this article I am disgusted and least to say she only received a police caution?? Where's the justice there? How on earth is that going to stop her committing the offence again? I'm really sorry to say but the police should lock her up. Stealing from a charity shop its disgusting.

Reply Posted by Paul G on Monday November 19 2012 at 10:35
Should name and shame her, also publish a photo of her...........things like this disgust me

Reply Posted by julie on Monday November 19 2012 at 12:56
haha im surprised she managed to find a passing police car