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Compensation Payout For Pensioner

Tuesday November 6 2012

A PENSIONER who fell over an overgrown plant and broke her pelvis has been awarded a 'substantial' payout from the council.

Hanorah Hoult, 72, of Lundwood, tripped when her foot became entangled in a New Zealand flax plant, known as Phormium, as she made her way back from a Barnsley FC match nearly two years ago.

She had been walking on a footpath after leaving the Oakwell stadium and was heading towards Pontefract Road when the plant got caught around her ankle and she fell.

She said: "I'm a season ticket holder for Barnsley, I love my football, and we'd had a good match.

"It was a local derby against Sheffield United and it was a dry but bitter day so I was wrapped up well and that's what saved me.

"I was walking towards Pontefract Road and there were lots of overhanging plants, like yucca plants.

"I just went up in the air and ended up cracking my pelvic bone. The plants were quite strong, you wouldn't be able to break them - they broke me."

Hanorah fractured her pelvic bone and now suffers from arthritis in her back and has to take tablets for the constant pain.

Solicitor Jonathan West, of Graysons WE, said the council had incurred 'substantial costs' as well as compensation for Hanorah after failing to act on her initial complaint.

"This is a very unfortunate incident that has left a previously fit, active and independent lady needing help with every day activities and taking regularly medication that was never needed before the accident," he said.

"Barnsley Council denied liability, despite accepting that some 'vegetation had encroached over the fence on to the footpath' and despite feeling that it had severely cut back this plant."

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