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Council Recruits Volunteers For Community Clean Up

Thursday November 1 2012

VOLUNTEERS are being asked to come forward to help on a community clean up campaign.

The project - in the St Helens Ward - will see sessions take place at a number of locations across the area, clearing up overgrown ginnels.

Gloves, litter-pickers, warm drinks and biscuits will be provided.

The cleanup will start at 9.30am on Edgecliffe Place onto Carlton Road (Nov 7); 12.30pm Monsal Crescent to Wingfield Road (Nov 7); 9.30am Hatfield Close to Thorne Close; 12.30pm New Lodge Crescent to Standhill Crescent (Nov 8); 9.30am, Matlock Road to Bakewell Road; 12.30pm Regent Crescent to Laithes Lane (Nov 9); 10am, Mansfield Road to Sutton Avenue (Nov 10.)

For information contact Caroline Cromack, on 773013 or Paul Jolley on 775590.

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Reply Posted by moffann on Sunday November 4 2012 at 17:53
no jim this is about the community doing it for themselves if they don't like to see the crap other inconsiderate people leave in our community it's about showing them we won't love in squalor.. and maybe they will watch and learn

Reply Posted by navekmac on Monday November 5 2012 at 14:07
utter nonsense ..jim is right get the scum to start cleaning up as most of us are to busy trying to WORK and pay our own bills and keep our own back yards in order...this is the liberal nothing better to do... do gooders , do you really think they will watch and learn, best way for them to learn is make them do something they dont wanna do and give them some pain..if not hammer them , take their benefits, their housing and whoevers kids may be part of the problem then hammer them instead.