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Parents Launch Petition Against Headteacher

Tuesday October 30 2012

A GROUP of parents have launched a petition demanding the headteacher of Shafton Primary School resign.

The petition seeks to remove Ruth Lyons, who took over as head in February, amid claims there are problems with children's discipline, bullying among pupils, concerns on teaching standards and a lack of communication between the school and parents.

Staff turnover is said to be another problem, with some parents claiming their children have had up to five teachers in one term.

Chairman of governors at the school, William Howlett, said: "The school had to improve its quality of teaching and behaviour management after going into special measures last year. This has been achieved by the tireless efforts of Ruth Lyons, the headteacher, teaching and support staff.

"Mrs Lyons has worked extremely hard to put measures in place to ensure these improvements continue. The Governing Body unanimously supports Mrs Lyons in her work to improve the education provided at Shafton Primary, and wishes her to continue with the work she has begun. These changes will take time to take effect."

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Reply Posted by jo on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 12:30
how awful for the poor headteacher maybe if she got more support from the parents improvements could be made. she has been head for less than 12 months give her a chance teachers have enough to deal with without the parents turning against them

Reply Posted by mark on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 12:40
the parents that are turning on the head teacher are the ones to blame!!! dicipline YOUR children yourselfs, and then watch the standards suddenly improve at the school. it is way too easy to blame others these days for your own standards.not all parents are to blame and im sure there is victims in all this but the majority need a close look at their parenting skills.

Reply Posted by BB on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 18:35
Damn right! Kids these days can't behave properly at all... nevermind the learning bit... this is already a lost cause

Reply Posted by jd on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 19:10
i agree with the last two comments

Reply Posted by Annoyed on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 21:12
Don't usually comment but these comments made me laugh out loud!! Are your children pupils at this school? If they are can you honestly say that the school has not dramatically declined over the past 2 years! Yes the head has been in less than a year and yes she had a mess to sort out but there has been no improvements whatsoever.. Good teachers have been made to leave with the majority of replacements, to be frankly honest, useless!
The bullying problem that has been present for the past 6 years is still going strong and the schools senco system needs serious work
The heads way of dealing with problems is to ignore them so as parents that actually give a damn then yes something needs to be done
The comments regarding parents to blame just show total ignorance

Reply Posted by wotamess on Wednesday October 31 2012 at 10:25
how can they put blame on parents? must not av kids there?

Reply Posted by louise on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 21:29
parents need to take responsibility for children they are the monster you created bring back discipline back and work with the school try and get some control back. i brought 3 children up who are now adults they know right from wrong and respect others

Reply Posted by wotamess on Wednesday October 31 2012 at 10:24
my son has not read for 3 wks and not done p.e. sin september bin made to fight with big boys (his words) he turned 5 yrs in june, ruth lyons closes the door to our complaints just like she did at the meeting about it becoming an academy school, all she wants is to make it look like we tick all box's for osted...fact! i dont blame parents for taking there kids out this school, al not be far behind em if nowt gets done fast!

Reply Posted by amazed on Thursday November 1 2012 at 00:47
Well said!...Spelt wright England, like I used to could when i was a children.....(sin = since), (bin = been), (osted = Ofsted), (em = them), (nowt = nothing).

Reply Posted by no name on Wednesday October 31 2012 at 15:03
U would all change your minds on the school n head if u had kids that went there its not a place that the kids or staff like to be there is so many problems and all the head dose is turns her back on what's going on

Reply Posted by anon on Wednesday October 31 2012 at 19:52
If a child is being made to fight at school, and nothing is being done, then why don't you report it to the police.

Reply Posted by John on Wednesday October 31 2012 at 22:10
Can someone please clarify a few points?
1- Just exactly how many parents have launched the petition?
2 - What knowledge do they have of the education system and the insight into how the head is trying to turn around a school in this position?
3 - Do they really think the head would 'get rid' of the 'good' teachers in trying to improve the school?
4 - Ruth Lyons does know what she has doing and has worked with a number of schools as an adviser to turn them around. Isn't this the type of person you would want to take charge and sort out the problems the school are facing.
5 - Why does the 'We are Barnsley' team insist on pushing this feed out repeatedly? Close to being like the Chronicle who push bad news about schools when they can instead of celebrating the authorities successes. They seem to have forgotten to report that the youngsters of Barnsley have exceeded the national results for Primary schools this year.

Reply Posted by phil on Wednesday October 31 2012 at 23:38
As I work for the council, in a school non too far away from the one we're talking about, I'm going to comment.
The major issue with behaviour in schools, especially the ones which I've worked in is poor parenting. How can school staff do anything about a child's behaviour when there is little to no support from parents? A school disciplines a chip, the parents complain, a school informs parents of said child's behaviour, parents do nothing about it.
As a members of teaching staff, where does that leave us? Children/young people are reprimanded but then there's no followup from parents. In a nutshell, thew patents are basically saying 'do what you want kiddo.'
No Head will please all parents. So there will always be these pockets of parents who try to challenge the school and governors. The grass is hardly ever greener.

If you're not happy, move your child. If lots of children move then questions will be asked, but I don't see why parents are to blame for their child's poor behaviour. You or we as parents have and will always have the greatest effect on our children's behaviours and things. Exercise that line rather than take someone's career out.

Reply Posted by phil on Wednesday October 31 2012 at 23:42
Thetes a typo in there, 6th line down, should say CHILD not CHIP. Sorry

Reply Posted by John on Thursday November 1 2012 at 00:33
I agree with many points you are making Phil. I also work in education, at a senior level, in a now very successful school. I have worked with the staff both as a leader, and under a new leader to the school and been through some pretty tough times but i can honestly say that the staff in schools always have the children's best interests at heart. There are often some very difficult decisions to make, and although involving the community is key to the future, when a school is trying to make rapid improvements there are times when parents can not always be consulted.
Many schools often try to engage parents but this does have to be a two way process. Unfortunately some parents don't want to listen to the advice and support they are offered and that is when inconsistencies in managing the behavior in school arises. It can be too simple to say to parents sort out your children - that relies on the parents realising there is a problem.
As Phil says, at the end of the day complaints will be recognised by the authority and they will take action if needed. It is also important to realise that for head teacher appointments there is a senior member of the authority on the interviewing panel to ensure the best candidate is appointed.
To summarise - Rome wasn't built in a day and you cant make an omelette without breaking eggs. Give Mrs Lyons a chance, look at the schools progress data and if there aren't improvements on the next OFSTED inspection then you have a case.

Reply Posted by cookie monster on Tuesday November 20 2012 at 10:17
I want to say that i don't have any problems with my child, but when he/she comes home and complains to me about he/she been bullied and the head turning round and not doing anything about it then surely its the schools problem, not our parenting skills, IS IT!!