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Police Warning After Loan Scam

Monday October 29 2012

A WARNING has been issued by police because of a new loan scam that is making the rounds in Barnsley.

Police say they've had a number of reports of an alleged fraud through ‘UKASH’ vouchers where people apply for an online loan and are then contacted by a company offering them the loan if they purchase a 'UKASH' voucher.

A police spokesman said: "UKASH is a legitimate scheme that allows people to use cash to pay online by exchanging money for vouchers, however these fraudsters are telling people that to release the funds, potential victims are asked to make a UKASH payment to cover administration costs.

"Victims are asked to buy the voucher from a UKASH outlet and give the 19-digit voucher code to the offenders.

"These vouchers can be safe if used as intended but if you step outside the guidelines of use, you are likely to be caught out.

"It is important to remember that the 19-digit voucher code should never be given out to anyone over the phone."

The fraudsters are also cold-calling and falsely offering loans or refunds of around £4,000 for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on previous loans.

PC Andy Woodruff said: “We would ask the public particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable to be on their guard and ensure they do not fall prey to these scams.

"If someone phones you and seems to have knowledge of your personal details or circumstances, do not confirm any information with them or provide them with any missing details.".”

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Reply Posted by Sharon on Monday October 29 2012 at 15:20
They don't need all the numbers on the voucher they only need the last six to be able to use them trust me it happened to me about three months ago and they also send false emails to confirm you loan in a ligitamate loan company's details they jut change the phone number be ware

Reply Posted by This Is on Saturday November 3 2012 at 00:34
Old news, been going on for years. It is an Indian Company that is behind it. There is a Police officer in Leicester CID who was investigating it last year. They know who it is but can't do anything because they are in India. They rent a UK telephone number for £10 a month so it looks like the calls are from the UK.