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Barnsley Company Announces Expansion Plans

Tuesday October 30 2012

Managing director Shaun Wilders Managing director Shaun Wilders

A BARNSLEY company that offers IT support to charities has announced its plans for expansion.

Cultrix is based at Kendray Business Centre and provides IT services and support to 400 clients, many of which are charities.

It has a team of eight staff and plans to add two new apprentices to the team. The company also plans to focus on bringing in more local business.

Managing director Shaun Wilders said: “This is a new chapter for the company in freshly revamped premises that are three times bigger than what we’ve had before.”

Shaun launched the company with a former business partner in 2002, shortly after he graduated from the University of Bradford.

Two years later he moved the operation from Bradford to the attic of his home in Barnsley town centre, before later setting up at the Kendray site. 

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Reply Posted by mmmm on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 16:06
just hope ur not making money out of charities

Reply Posted by navekmac on Tuesday October 30 2012 at 17:05
So is the service this business provides paid for by funding raised by the charities.. or is it a free service to the charities..not much info on just what they provide for these charities WAB, if they get paid by the charities then how are they providing anything special here...if not and it is part of the companies policy to help charity then fair play to them...if not then this business could be accused of targeting easy money..more info please on just what they do for charity would be good before we the public can understand why the charities have been mentioned in this post..that would be good

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