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School Food Recycling Plan Piloted

Wednesday October 10 2012

NINE schools in Barnsley have joined in a pilot that will see them recycle food that students leave.

The schools in the Dearne area collect leftovers for a week and it is then taken to ReFood in Doncaster where it is converted into green electricity, heat and nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Early figures show that it has already diverted half the capacity of school kitchen bins away from landfill.

The current pilot includes nine school kitchens - The Hill, Gooseacre, Goldthorpe, Highgate, Sacred Heart, Darfield Upperwood, Dearne Carrfield, Darfield All Saints, and Oakhill.

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Reply Posted by HOT mumma... on Thursday October 11 2012 at 16:18
What a great idea. More schools & businesses should be involved. Cant imagine the smell will be great though. Lol

Reply Posted by Oldinthetooth on Friday October 12 2012 at 21:09
Not a new idea really, when i was at school some 50 years ago, all our waste food was collected and used to feed farm animals..........................