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Animal Charity Helps Doggy Diet

Wednesday October 10 2012

Molly's looking great after shedding the weight Molly's looking great after shedding the weight

A PET fit club run by an animal charity has helped an overweight rottweiler shed a quarter of her body weight.

Molly was ten stones six months ago but owner Wayne Houlston, of  Lundwood, put her on a strict diet with the help of the PDSA.

And now Molly - who has shed nearly three stone - has won a commendation for her slimming efforts.

Wayne said: "She was big from being too kind and friendly.

"Every day she'd wait at the gate for the school kids to go past and they would give her crisps. We'd give her treats too and didn't notice how big she'd got as we saw her every day.

"All I wanted was her health to improve and that's what has happened.

"Now her energy levels have doubled and she loves going for walks. It's given her a new lease of life."

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