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Low Cost Home Plan Approved For Wombwell

Thursday October 4 2012

PLANS to build more than 50 low-cost homes in Wombwell have been approved by the council.

Yorkshire Housing will build 56 homes between Pearson Crescent, Mill Hill and Wortley Avenue, Wombwell.

The land had previously housed council-owned flats which had been demolished. The site will now hold 16 two-bedroom homes, 36 three bedroomed and four with four bedroomed. 

Five objections were noted, expressing concern over compromised privacy for residents between 20 and 40 Pearson Crescent, the potential loss of an existing car park adjacent to 70 Pearson Crescent, that the garden of 80 Pearson Crescent would be overshadowed and that the enclosure of a footpath would encourage antisocial behaviour.

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Reply Posted by Kevin. on Friday October 5 2012 at 21:40
The housing crisis in Barnsley is often overlooked. Although this is good news, perhaps BMBC should be seeking to have a developer that will rent the houses out once built, instead of have them left on the market for sale for months. Houses for sale in Barnsley are selling very slowly, What makes these developers think their going to sell these quickly and make a profit. We need more social housing for our residents.