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Academy Plan For Carlton Community College

Thursday October 4 2012

CARLTON COMMUNITY College will become an academy - changing its name and its uniform.

The change - which is expected to happen in January - will not affect jobs at the school and all contracted teaching staff will be kept on.

Headteacher Neil Hutchinson said: "We've had such a positive response since announcing we were to become an academy.

"The staff are keen, as are parents and students. It's all been very positive."

The school is expected to change its name to Carlton Community Academy in the new year.

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Reply Posted by ellen bounds on Friday October 5 2012 at 07:54
although it doesn't bother me that its changing to an academy because they might be changing the name but the teaching will still be the same so not much point really i'd love to know where they expect us to get the money from to provide a brand new uniform half way through the year, fair enough they provide the first set of uniform but you can't send them in just one set and i sure as hell will struggle especially with xmas just gone by. i work full time and have 3 other kids to care forone with a dietary illness which costs a bomb too. i think with todays economic climate they should be concentrating on the quality of teaching rather than a new name and uniform because the school will still look the same and putting parents out of pocket!

Reply Posted by lesley on Saturday October 6 2012 at 22:18
In the school academic league tables this is now the worst in Barnsley!, Its gone downhill since it merged, If I had my time again with my son, he would never have gone there, He is now in his final year, I hope it gets better for future pupils, but I really don't think changing the name will make any difference, they ought to start by changing some staff, because some of them haven't got a clue!!

Reply Posted by claire featherstone on Wednesday January 2 2013 at 19:44
I agree with many parents comments in regards to school uniform i have 4 children one that leaves in june .1 thats in year 8 i dont see the point in changing half way through the academic year its expensive as 99%of parents state. its hard enough for any parent to supply one uniforn never mind two plys for children i will not be sending my two children in the new year in new uniform and on that note i think i can speak for 99% of the parents of ccc ! Let the school pay for all the uniform x3 see how costly it is

Reply Posted by Katie junior on Tuesday September 3 2013 at 15:38
This school had its change today and my son looks smart in his uniform