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The 'Pasty' Tax - What Do You Think?

Monday October 1 2012

Cornish Pasty Cornish Pasty

NEW rules have come in today which will add 20 percent on to the cost of certain takeout foods like pasties and burgers.

The so-called "pasty tax" will see VAT added on to food that is kept warm in hot cabinets like bakeries, burger vans, or jacket potato stalls.

What do you think? Will the extra cost put you off buying hot food for lunch or won't it make a difference to you?

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Reply Posted by rob on Monday October 1 2012 at 16:09
when are they going to tax us on breathing or even better a walking tax

Reply Posted by ONLY ME on Monday October 1 2012 at 16:13

Reply Posted by Robert on Monday October 1 2012 at 16:13
This government is showing just how LOW they will go! First they state that under the Tories, we will be better off, and then in the next breath, they think of a stupid way to tax already struggling companies and public. The Nazi's are back, but just under a new banner if you ask me!

Reply Posted by kel on Monday October 1 2012 at 16:14
but why? why does it need to be taxed? what is the point of the tax?

Reply Posted by ONLY ME on Monday October 1 2012 at 16:17

Reply Posted by janet on Monday October 1 2012 at 16:36
I think it is terrible, soon we wont be able to live,we just wont have enough money.

Reply Posted by moff on Monday October 1 2012 at 17:05
most of Gregg's pasties are cold when you get them anyway.. so do we knock the tax off and refuse to pay it????

Reply Posted by chris on Monday October 1 2012 at 20:23
Now are we going to have a pasty tax man going round shop to shop checking the sale of hot or cold pasties ?

Reply Posted by eliot on Monday October 1 2012 at 21:06
there at again the tories taxing everything what next oxygen.the quicker they get voted out the better.its all about taking money off everybody and making people poorer.

Reply Posted by rory on Tuesday October 2 2012 at 23:09
It is better to tax items to make money - then spend money the country doesn't have and almost make the UK bankrupt (like Labour did ... thats why they got voted out.. and they will stay out)

Reply Posted by ROB on Tuesday October 2 2012 at 07:22
so if we go into gregs or anyother shop that sells pasties will their be one price 4cold n one 4hot i dont think so , like moff said all gregs pasties r cold even wen in hot shelf , all i can say iz just DONT go into them or have a gud healthy sarni

Reply Posted by Mark on Tuesday October 2 2012 at 11:00
They will be selling them under the counter next...oh they already do

Reply Posted by Mark T on Tuesday October 2 2012 at 19:23
This just shows the Cameron and Osbourne have ran out of ideas to create more money, so have slapped on the "Pasty tax", most likely causing many hot food premises to close or change the way they operate. Why do this at a time of economic crisis, we now boy from Eaton don't eat Pasties or Food from a van but the other 22million people may well have done and the food retail busines creates hundreds of thousand of jobs, well. at least it did anyway...the future could be bleak and this is not something that will just go away over time, it could be the decision that brings further unemplyement and I can honeslty say that the Tories have got this one wrong. George and Cameron you are both Muppets!!

Reply Posted by stacey on Saturday October 6 2012 at 11:50
There will be no tax on greggs pasties, because greggs do not sell hot pasties only fresh pasties. The tax is only for food intended to be sold hot.

Reply Posted by barnsley lass on Saturday October 6 2012 at 11:50
rory 90% of us spend money we havnt got the country would come to a standstill if we didnt,and no doubt most of us would be on the streets hungry

Reply Posted by les on Thursday March 7 2013 at 20:41
I understand that vat has allways been on hot food i cooked food for a while and it wascooked on site and kept hot on warming trays controlled by electric heat plates so ours had vat included but such as greggs got away with it by using heat from bulbs so witch is right