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Barnsley Skate Park Plan Date Set

Thursday September 27 2012

WORK will start on a £100,000 new skate park for Barnsley town centre in April next year.

It is being developed after years of demands from youngsters who said they would like one built in or close to the town centre.

The development will go ahead at Dearne Valley Park, Hoyle Mill, less than a mile from the town centre.

Coun Margaret Bruff, a former youth worker, said lots of locations had been considered.

She added: "We looked at putting it at the Twibell Street end of the Dearne Valley Park, near Harborough Hill, but it wasn’t far enough away from residents.

“So we’ve opted for it to go near the car park and play area at the Hoyle Mill end of the park.

“Kids can come from all over because it’s very accessible by road and foot.”

The skate park design can be viewed on October 3, at 5.30pm, in Barnsley Library.

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Reply Posted by guesty mcguest on Thursday September 27 2012 at 11:56
Don't knock it, this, the new go kart track, and new cinema in years to come will hopefully give our kids some decent leisure facilities in the town centre.

Reply Posted by Ann Goulding on Friday September 28 2012 at 07:48
I have looked after and cared for Children for 26 yeard and its about time something was done to provide other activities other than swimming to aBarnsley

Reply Posted by Paul on Friday September 28 2012 at 16:38
Never mind the skate park, I think they need to be sorting that abortion of a road mess at the bottom of old mill lane!!!!!!

Reply Posted by boston on Friday September 28 2012 at 18:09
why cant the council put some land aside and start up a place like bumpy in leeds , so kids can ride trials bikes ?

Reply Posted by nicky rodbourne on Saturday September 29 2012 at 09:55
Cant wait skate park. I will mirror Boston's comment re: trials bikes, kids need that too saves them riding along Pennine Trails and causing injuries to others.

Reply Posted by Lyndsey on Sunday September 30 2012 at 17:31
wow... everyone's all for the skatepark but they were all against the council turning the town hall car park into a green area... common sense right there!

Reply Posted by Col on Tuesday October 2 2012 at 16:14
Another skate park for teenagers to hang about at drinking cider and smoking weed like the one in Penistone ..

Reply Posted by Jordan on Friday March 1 2013 at 14:26
just because barnsley is riddled with dith dirty chavs dont mean that every teenager is one, we want the skatepark because there is nothing for us to do!

Reply Posted by Jack on Monday October 22 2012 at 18:11
Col, what you're saying about penistone skatepark is right and wrong, the majority of us kids ride bikes and skate, and nothing else, then there's idiots who go out to the skatepark and drink and do drugs, i understand where you're coming from, but with proper support from the council, this hopefully won't happen at the new skatepark in barnsley.

Reply Posted by steven on Sunday December 9 2012 at 21:47
no we need a big skate park in barnsley centre, bowl and job lot with lights and all fenced off and cctv around it to keep it safe from drunks and drugys cos at the min some people like me and my friend are taveling to skate parks and theres no need, it will be good for us to go to a decent skate park near us thank you :)

Reply Posted by rachel on Sunday March 17 2013 at 18:58
surely someone with some private brass must realise barnsley needs an indoor skate park, do they know about the scooter revolution ? the House in sheffield, the works in leeds , both raking money in . wish i had the money to do it . safe environments for kids at weekends and school holidays. enterprise not council money is whats needed.

Reply Posted by simon on Thursday March 28 2013 at 16:19
is there any pictures of the design? if so email me them please

Reply Posted by Steve on Saturday August 17 2013 at 18:22
Any news on this.