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What Would Encourage You To Start Up A Business?

Monday October 8 2012

Start Up A Business Start Up A Business

FIGURES released last month have branded Barnsley as one of the most 'economically inactive' areas in the UK.

Nearly 22 per cent of adults are claiming state benefits compared with 14.8 per cent nationally.

And, according to the report, there is a chronic shortage of home-grown entrepreneurs.

The borough is tenth from bottom nationally in relation to business start-ups with only 24 new businesses started up for every 10,000 people. 

Have you started your own business? How's it going? Is it something you'd like to do? What would encourage you to try?

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Reply Posted by Robert on Monday October 8 2012 at 14:38
The problem of starting a business is the total lack of help and I do not mean funding! It is OK been a plumber, but what about your accounts? We have far too many "back-street" accountants in Barnsley that give no proper advice and they only seem to be interested in the money side! Me, well I was a victim of one such accountant and the only advice I can give all the people is this: GET A CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT who is under real laws! The tax office is a nightmare as they have no idea what they are doing and another piece of advice is this ~ do NOT let your friends tell you what you can claim for and cannot. If in doubt, use your accountant to the MAX. Oh, also, get the accountant to show YOU how to run your affairs with a simple spreadsheet. If they DO NOT offer training, then go else where.

Reply Posted by guess who lol on Monday October 8 2012 at 14:43
I have always worked as an employee and had no real job satisfaction until I got the inspiration from a co worker who treated me appalling at work. Due to this act at work I decided enough was enough and thanks to Ward shoes I now own my own company importing model trains and selling them on eBay for a net profit. My advice is to stick at it and never give up if you believe in your product then to hell with what other people say. That advice is from a power-seller.

Reply Posted by theresa on Monday October 8 2012 at 15:00
I agree, there is no incentives whatsoever, I wanted to move to bigger premises a year ago, this would ultimately ended in me employing 6 people. I went to banks, enquired through the European union, but nothing. I have now moved but still I haven't the space to take a few people out of unemployment. Also having been to the town centre today, what a drab place it is. Shops closed, it looks shocking....

Reply Posted by Martin on Monday October 8 2012 at 15:12
If you want support to start a business in Barnsley simply go to http://www.businessstartsatbbic.co.uk/ there is even a start up event on Tuesday 13th November.

Reply Posted by Steeliebobs on Tuesday October 9 2012 at 09:25
Where on earth did you get these figures from? Dealing with new business starts in Barnsley myself I think they are a bit out of kilter with reality? I started my own business three years ago as a result of redundancy at the beginning of the recession! Help from an understanding employer (who did things correctly), a basic understanding of how businesses work, where to go for support and finance if needed, drive, ambition, a supporting wife and family all put self employment in reach of me and if people work hard it's within reach of everyone! Yes, times can be tough and there can be days when you don't know where the next bit of work is going to come from but you have to get off your arse and get it. Isn't that what people who employ you and others do everyday? There is so much support in Barnsley for those who have a modicum of interest in starting up for themselves! check out local accountants, all who offer a free initial chat about your idea, Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber, Barnsley Development Agency, Enterprising Barnsley, Homestart, the Genesis programme at the Innovation Centre in Wilthorpe. All these places will help you through the first phase of your business idea, even if it's just a dream, and forget what you read in the press, BANKS are also open for business start ups too, you can walk into any bank in town and ask to speak to someone about your business idea and believe me when i tell you, someone will listen to you and help where they can! Check out this link for a great bit of free advice from one of Barnsley's leading accountancy firms http://bit.ly/zmGo2s other firms also provide similar help. Good luck!

Reply Posted by Jo McD on Tuesday October 9 2012 at 15:37
I tried recently to expand the small business I run from home. I talked it all through with my bank adviser and got her support. However, I was refused planning permission by the council, and have given up the idea for the time being. Very disappointing lack of support from the local powers that be.

Reply Posted by Trundlecat Web Services on Tuesday October 16 2012 at 17:29
IMO the best incentive would be a personal business adviser that would be there on the end of the phone for you for the first 2 years. You wouldn't feel quite so out on a limb then because self employment can be a lonely & daunting place.

A HUGE reduction in red tape would be the best incentive. It can be daunting thinking about everything you have to comply with & at no point do government & council departments make it any easier. I sometimes think there must be an annual prize in the public sector for the person who can cause the most confusion. Having said that, the online tax returns are really good, so much simpler than the paper ones.

Reply Posted by rainbow on Tuesday April 1 2014 at 13:47
I started a small business up a couple of years ago and before the company had earned a penny I was getting threatening letters from the Inland Revenue about late submission of accounts??? i was only too glad to fold the business up, it just didn't seem worth the hassle.

Reply Posted by sid on Tuesday April 1 2014 at 14:04
Rules and regs have changed so much over the years,so, to start a small businees these days I would suggest a heart transplant......with a lion.