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Smart Phones Issued To Police Officers In Barnsley

Wednesday September 19 2012

ALL frontline police officers in Barnsley now have a Blackberry phone to keep them up to date when they are on the beat.

The device is set to Smartphones keep officers out in the community informed of real-time events and allows them to access police records and complete stop and search forms.

Temporary Inspector Simon Davies said: “If you see an officer texting in the street, this is not for personal use, they are accessing important police information to help them carry out their job more effectively and prevent them from having to return to the station, so they can stay out in the community, keeping the public safe.

”The use of BlackBerry smartphones is a major move forward for South Yorkshire Police in terms of service delivery and has provided the Force with a significant advantage when fighting crime and dealing with offenders.

"Officers are using the camera on the device to photograph evidence on the spot, such as footprints in the snow and emailing each other photos of offenders or missing people to aide with the search."

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Reply Posted by greenginger on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 19:39
They use them to access Police databases take photos for evidential purposes and so on. Officers have to pay for any personal calls. Just before some numpty starts a debate about money and corruption........

Reply Posted by kim on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 20:25
I think its a good idea, what ever it takes to help catch criminals and bring them to justice. Good luck Guys.

Reply Posted by Maxine Croft on Friday September 21 2012 at 12:23
The Blackberry device is quite good at encrpting data also so if you would like your data encrypting like calls, massages, emails etc - Use one too.

Reply Posted by Genius on Saturday September 22 2012 at 12:52
What a great idea, give the police devices that are infrastructure dependant, from a company which is shedding market share and stock value quicker than Usain Bolt. The headline next year when blackberry goes bust and the police force phones stop working is going to be interesting.