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22,000 Residents Fail To Register Vote

Wednesday September 19 2012

MORE than 22,000 households across Barnsley have failed to register their votes in the election that will decide who will make decisions on local policing.

Elections are open for the Police and Crime Commissioner role, but the deadline for placing households on the electoral register is looming and thousands of people have failed to do so.

Coun Jim Andrew said: "We estimate that 22,900 households have not returned their forms. Some people wrongly assume that paying council tax means you are registered to vote. I am urging all those eligible to vote in Barnsley to return their form as soon as possible.”

If you haven't had a voting form, contact Electoral Services on 01226 773070 or email electoralservices@barnsley.gov.uk.

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Reply Posted by me on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 20:28
why should u send ya electrol forms in-its not compulsory to vote so why register all governments are same in it for their own pockets---money to money--some folk cant aford to live then government want extra money for spare bedrooms-then u must pay council tax-when genuine disabled folk get made to get jobs-so less money6 more to pay out--theres no jobs for some folk-the government say theres loads of jobs there aint- council dont fix prpoerties they have now-but spend money on crap /new vehicles-sell houses off not let em--then join partnership for new built houses with housing association --how can folk afford it--government stinks--

Reply Posted by George on Saturday September 22 2012 at 16:09
I never got a form, so really that isn't my problem really. They should make it that everyone should vote, if no one wants to vote, it's as simple as not turning up.

They just make it time consuming with these forms every single year.

Reply Posted by c on Sunday September 23 2012 at 22:02
It's just 'Big Brother' keeping tabs on everyone

Reply Posted by Barnsley Lass on Wednesday September 26 2012 at 17:12
So people complain about the government, the MP's, the Councillors and the services the council do or do not provide, or the planning requests that go through unopposed to build stuff on green spaces and even complain that the council are in some way responsible for the flooding BUT they can't be a***d to send in their electoral forms to VOTE....... hmmmmmm then if you can't be bothered to vote - don't moan groan and complain - do summat about it and get off yer idle bum and register to vote - then you will be well qualified to moan groan and complain to your hearts content!!!!!!

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