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What Would Make You Give Up Your Car?

Monday September 17 2012

LOCALS will be encouraged to use public transport, walking and cycling as part of World Car Free Day on Saturday.

Travel South Yorkshire are promoting the scheme to encourage people to plan more journeys on buses and trains. 

SYPTE director general David Brown said: “We know that some people believe it is more convenient to use their car because they don’t know how to go about planning a journey by public transport."

What would make you go car free? Join the debate by commenting in the box below.

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Reply Posted by Josh on Monday September 17 2012 at 16:26
if people new about hygiene on the public transport it wouldn't be a problem but when you are travelling and people smell your not going to feel comfortable at the end of your journey rather drive in my car and have the air freshener!

Reply Posted by Overworked and underpaid on Monday September 17 2012 at 21:23
It costs me less to drive to work and park than it would to get on the bus and train so nothing unfortunately.

Reply Posted by sarah on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 12:58
even though diesel is expensive its costs me roughly £4 to get to barnsley and back home to go on the bus it over a fiver one way then theres the kids to pay for time wasted waiting for a bus that doesnt turn up the bus station looks like telly tubbies designed it and parkings free anyhow on saturdays so i wont be changing even for a day

Reply Posted by guesty mcguest on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 13:49
Public trasnsport is more expensive
less reliable
dirty (although this is down to some of the passengers)
and serviced by moody grumps in my past experience

Reply Posted by jo on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 22:29
The buses are quite clean actually -- the cleaners in the interchange do a very hard job keeping them clean after all the scruffy customers dropping things such as food, dirty nappies, needles and other unsightly objects on them

Reply Posted by Gemma on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 17:27
I don't mind getting a £10 dearne valley rider and using bus with 2 kids every now and again.. But by doin so it means that a 10minute car journey turns into either an hours journey on 2 buses or 1 bus and a 15minute walk.. It's much more expensive to use a car for just one person if u include tax/insurance/petrol etc. but it's so much easier!

Reply Posted by Steve on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 17:56
Travelling by bus to town is not more expensive than taking the car to town. £4.50 to park all day in town or no more than £4 to ride on the bus all day and if you travel regularly by bus you save even more money and if you buy a Megarider plus online for £42 a month that works out at £18 a week but if you park in a town at a council car park 5 days a week at £4.50 per day you would spend £22.50 a week and £90 for the month plus there is the expense of the fuel getting there. And one of the main reason the bus is late is because it is stuck in traffic

Reply Posted by shaz on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 18:02
sorry never going to happen. a 5 minute journey to work by car takes almost 45 minutes by bus including walk to bus stop and then the walk to work, plus that same journey 5 days a week costs 4.50 a day by bus return, using the car cost me £35 per week including insurance tax and fuel plus i must do at least another 150 miles per week on top of the commute !!!!!!

Reply Posted by Steve on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 23:12
The bus fare in Barnsley should never cost more than £4 a day with a Dayrider Plus and £11 a week with a Megarider Plus. But if you travel cross town then the car is a better option. When I used to live at Royston and work at Stairfoot it used to take me about and hour by bus but only 10mins in car.

Reply Posted by Jon on Thursday September 20 2012 at 14:43
Much prefer to use my car, public transport could be free but I would still use my car. I need it for work so I'm paying anyway.

Last time I was on public transport it was disgusting, smelly, old and plus some of the people that get on there, personally I wouldn't want to sit near.

It's the same for most places.

Why use another service when I already need to pay for my car for other reasons.

Reply Posted by les on Thursday March 7 2013 at 21:08
What a loadof crap some people come out with. it takes someone 5 minutes to get to work in a car and 45 minutes on a bus...did this bus have 4 flat tyres and airlifted via somalia .....i have driven for40 years and now i go everywhere by bus
reason being.........
No tax no mot. no insurance..no tyres...no repairs no breakdown cover..no oil... no flat battery no petrol ...no parking fees i could go on forever .......cost wise ...i can get on a bus for £4. And travel 9 miles + and back 20 times in a day. do that in a day
i can get a 5:20 ticket and trav from barnsley to sheffield then to gainsborough
back tobarnsley ...then go back to n derbyshirethen back to barnsley are you getting the point yet....if the bus breaks down you get off ..catch thenext bus 10 to 30 minutes whereas the aa or rac will be about an hour tow you to garage and it may cost 100 to 300 repair bill......trust me
you can believe in your own fairy stories
but my days of cursing at other bad drivers and stress are long gone