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Netherwood Release Statement Following Complaints

Tuesday September 18 2012

PARENTS have been assured that problems around the cashless system at lunch times have been resolved at Netherwood school.

The new school, which opened on the site of the former Darfield Main colliey, has implemented a 'cashless' system for pupils which means they can pay for their lunches using their fingerprints to access a prepaid account.

But problems early on meant some pupils were not getting their lunches until the end of the 40 minute break.

Principal Toby Eastaugh, who oversaw a similar system in his previous school Spen Valley Sports College, said all schools have similar problems for the first few days and Netherwood had been brought back to normal service.

He said: "After implementing a cashless system, it takes time for children to get used to it and small delays in seeing what's available, knowing which servery to go to and getting the hang of the fingerprint system really add up.

"But we've made a few changes which means things have moved through a lot quicker and I think four days to sort that out is pretty impressive."

Parents have also reported up to 30 children being unable to fit on the Brightbus 449 service to Elsecar from the school.

Managing director Mick Strafford said the company had sent its largest 129-capacity bus for the school.

The excess pupils did not warrant another bus but he added, if possible, he was willing to divert a bus from another route. He said some pupils were using the bus to travel one stop to Darfield, which had not been expected.

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Reply Posted by dave on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 10:27
Is there a bus for pupils from Darfield?, is there a more direct path for pupils from Darfield other than going down the inkerman fields to the Fishing Republic then along Pitt St.? how come the rules on girls not having brightly coloured hair is already being broken?, does the no make up for girls also apply to female teachers, it should 'cos they have to set an example?. How come detention is served on the same day without notification to parents, the pupils can't contact parents 'cos phones are not allowed in school. Only a matter of time before some parent thinks their child is late because of detention only to find they are missing. Come on Mr. Eastaugh let's have some answers instead of saying everything will work out fine, the captain of the Titanic said that and look what happened there.

Reply Posted by theresa on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 10:43
as far as diners conserned my son came home again with not having had a dinner at school due to it not having being credited again as it is supposed to have been so the problems are still not fixed as for detentions being at the end of the day they were given is so wrong parents need 24hour notice for these my son is autistic and having to do a detention on the same day would cause him a lot of stress aswell as he would not be prepared for this so would cause alot of disruption to his school day and therefore he would end up in more trouble
also if the child as an appointment after school and cannot say will the then incur another detention on top off the one they have already got due to no fault of there own

Reply Posted by Heather on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 16:33
Dave - When you were at school were girls allowed to wear makeup and teachers not? When I was a WHS in the 80's we were not allowed to wear make up and I didnt care if the teachers did or did not.Coloured hair and short skirts rules are being flouted as is smoking on the premises and I have highlighted all 3 cases this morning with the school, they do not have eyes everywhere but uniform and hair can be sorted straight away... give the school time. If your child warrants detention then they should be hauled in as required by the school, they are preparing the children for work.. if you cause a problem at work you won't be left for a day or two before you get a warning of some kind, it is dealt with straight away. Short Sharp Shock. And all parents should be horrified if their child has been bad enough to be detained.

Theresa - My child has had no problems getting her school dinner or her account being credited. Why don't you go and see someone and speak reasonably with a member of staff or the Student Manager for your childs year. Don't lean on your childs autism for detention referral. If a child has been naughty then a detention is the answer.

Support the school. If you don't like it send your child to Kirk Balk or Dearne, there are other options.....

Reply Posted by Laura Oates on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 20:15
emailed Mr Easthaugh about the bus situation - no reply!!! The bus situation is ridiculous, no school bus from Ardsley so taking all the issues into account surely common sense says- bus up through Ardsley onto Darfield freeing up the other buses and Darfield to Ardsley at night. All we get from school is its our responsibility to get the children to school - we did take this into consideration when picking the school (Foulstone) but the education department decided to put the new school in the most obscure place surely someone could take some responsibilty and help us out.
Oh and Heather I do fully support the school when they support the Parents and if my daughter wasn't in Year 11 believe me it would be a consideration.

Reply Posted by me on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 20:18
What parents can expect from their child's school

You must be given 24 hours' notice in writing if the school wants to give your child a detention out of school hours.

Schools must give you a written report on your child at least once a year. This must include:

•progress on all the National Curriculum subjects they have studied
•progress in other subjects and activities
•general progress and attendance
•results in any National Curriculum tests and assessments

You have the right to vote for parent governors to represent you on the school governing body. You can also stand for election as a parent governor yourself.

Reply Posted by Terry on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 21:26
On the same day detentions, we had this when i was at school at DFHS in the early 80's there was no complaints then from parents or none we knew about. And I believe that the need for school to give 24hours notice is no longer needed.

Reply Posted by Heather on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 22:55
Hi Laura, Mr Easthaugh doesn't have anything to do with the buses. You will need to speak to the bus company. Dick Wraith was approached before the summer holidays about some of the Wombwell buses and he referred parents in Wombwell to the bus company.

me - the parent governors have yet to be decided so the voting process will take place. There was a meeting this evening at the school and a news letter will be out soon.

Terry - I agree that the notive is no longer needed. Parents should have supplied a contact number so the school can inform them if their child is being detained and therefore the issue can be discussed with the school about the childs conduct and the requirement for a childs detention.

Reply Posted by Laura on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 07:36
Morning Heather, tried that they say its the Education Department reponsibility and Education Department say its its the bus company responsibilty, only tried the school after my daughter was told by Mr Easthaugh no one had contacted him about the issue so i did (annoyed that not even had an acknowledgement of the email).
Parents from Ardsley have brought this up as a problem since July but response is its no one's responsibility.

Reply Posted by Cameron on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 11:17
My sister who lives in Thurnscoe has to walk up to Wombwell to catch the 226 due to too many pupils who live in Darfield are catching the school bus to which is stopping the pupils who need the bus the most are having to catch public service buses because of this. Pupils who live in Darfield should walk from the School as it only a few miles down the road its closer to the school then any other places around such as Thurnscoe, Great Houghton, I think this is a disgrace and seriosly needs to be sorted out soon, maybe people who lives too far away from the school should have a special pass the lets them on the bus first, or be let out of school a little earlier then kids who live in Darfield, as they are just too lazy to walk from the school.

Reply Posted by Terry on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 15:32
Well I think that the the problem of getting to and from school by bus just shows how bad of a public transport system we have around Barnsley, when pupils cannot catch a bus from Ardsley to the new School at Darfield. The times and services are totally wrong have been for years since the old Yorkshire Traction firm closed and was taken over.

Someone in the Bus company NEEDS to really get a grip on real world routes that actually service the communities around the area AND if need be put on a bus service for the school kids that need to travel.

I think that the school is great and the kids love it, but as with any new venture there are things that need sorting and one of them is the bus service sorry but as the shorter days are upon us the safety of the kids is really what should be topping the TO-DO list. Stop the "Sorry its their job not mine" comments and get together to sort the problem and not cause more problems by being a jobs worth. Would it not be better to MAKE it your Jobs Worth to actually sort the bus service out for the kids!!!

And then the local Council and Government with the give up your car drive wonder why a lot of people don't, won't or find it totally impractical to use Public Transport.

Just a thought.

Reply Posted by childs parent on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 17:43
the bus company BRIGHT BUS are aware there are problems with kids getting to and from school my son is in year 10 and arrives to school on time but his mate in yr 7 gets a late mark every day due to bus not arriving on time , the school phoned his mum and asked if she drove she said no , so the reply she got was can his friends parents drive if so get them to bring him , the problem with school dinners still not sorted aswel has cash machines , i have phoned school up quite a few times in the pass week and i get the same reply teething problems ,,, But i must say the kids will lose the school bus that has been put on if they carry on behaving the way they are last week fighting and smoking on bus , and yesterday a window put through .

Reply Posted by inmyview on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 21:57
Don't think you can blame the Stagecoach bus routes, they should not have built a school on a road where no service runs and won't run. From Ardsley they can catch the 219 and get off on Upperwood road. Yorkshire traction would not have run anything any different. It's a fair walk from Wombwell High St i know i have tried it. I think that the Bus company run on all the roads around the area that are suitable for buses Pitt St is not and if you run on the by pass where do you go to. Try Tates they also run Buses, what no joy. try Redline no joy too so stop blaming Stagecoach, it's the education department you need.

Reply Posted by dave on Sunday September 23 2012 at 06:08
Cameron, it's not a case of kids from Darfield being lazy, it's a question of safety, have you walked along Pit Lane and Pitt St. when it's dark. As for coming from Houghton and Thurnscoe didn't people have a choice of schools available nearer home if so why not choose one of those.

Reply Posted by dave on Sunday September 23 2012 at 06:18
Heather, if anyone was caught wearing make up or coloured hair at my school I would have been very worried, I attended a boys only grammar school.I will support the school whenever possible I hope they support my kids when they want it, as regards choice we made our choice we picked our local school, maybe we should go back to the old schools within boundaries like we used to have.

Reply Posted by dave on Sunday September 23 2012 at 06:25
It makes you think dosen't it a new school opens in Wombwell, Stagecoach can't or don't want to provide a bus service suitable for ALL children to get there. A factory opens and hey presto an existing bus service is changed to enable people to get there, it's a case of money talks in this case. How may factories were built in the Manvers area before buses were rerouted as a second thought.

Reply Posted by Leanne on Wednesday September 26 2012 at 07:28
Ppl from thurnscoe did have another option but I chose folustone for my son which he loved and wa settled at there as been nothing but problems from the new school and if they don't want ppl complaining then they need to get them sorted the bus problem for 1

Reply Posted by Anonymous on Thursday August 1 2013 at 18:44
Dear 'Cameron'
I am a student from Netherwood and I highly doubt that. We aren't lazy at all. Yes,their may be the odd few but what about Wombwell?I'm sure they have lazy people too. Everywhere does. Simply grouping Darfield as the cause is rediculous and pathetic. (My opinion)

Reply Posted by Melanie on Sunday September 1 2013 at 18:46
Hi does anyone know the date netherwood school go bk plz